9 thoughts on “Oh, the Humanity!

  1. http://www.shiron.net/artist?type=lyrics&lang=1&prfid=806&wrkid=6008
    The song is called “HaAyara Boeret” which means “The Little Town is Burning”
    I think the editor was trying to use some Holocaust imagery but I’m not sure exactly what the point is.
    Apparantly this song was a bit of an anthem of the resistance in the Holocaust and is song at a lot of Holocaust memorial ceremonies.

  2. i just listened to the yiddish version of the song. hmm. well scenes like these are pretty disgusting. i google translated some of the comments and the one guy that was upset with the juxt got negative feedback. im stil not sure how i feel about it, but it seems that uninhibited consummerism is interpreted as todays “fire”, while many are just standing around and leting it burn [Israel/World] thus reducing humanity to stampeding beheymes (or beheyme worshiping pagans as some of the comments would have it) thirsting for a new store to open its doors.
    there must be a song out there that reflects the de-humanizing effect of consumerism and isnt originally written about a pogrom or holocaust. whatever that song is would probably be more fitting.

  3. Right, thats a Mordecai Gebertig song – its become a kind of anthem in Israel – akin perhaps to Bialik’s City of Slaughter, which was also read in Yiddish. Its a bizarre choice of song.

  4. What resistance? The total resistance in the Krakow ghetto (where Gebertig lived) was the bombing of 1 cafe. Gebertig (who had military training as he had served in the Austro-Hungarian army)was shot in 1942. Unarmed of course.

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