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Oh, Those Crazy Fundies!

The NY Times reports,

As dozens of mourners streamed solemnly into church to bury Cpl. David A. Bass, a fresh-faced 20-year-old marine who was killed in Iraq on April 2, a small clutch of protesters stood across the street on Tuesday, celebrating his violent death.
“Thank God for Dead Soldiers,” read one of their placards. “Thank God for I.E.D.’s,” read another, a reference to the bombs used to kill service members in the war. To drive home their point — that God is killing soldiers to punish America for condoning homosexuality — members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., a tiny fundamentalist splinter group, kicked around an American flag and shouted, if someone approached, that the dead soldiers were rotting in hell.

Shudder. Click here for Jay Michaelson’s essay at Radical Torah on why G-d only hates “fags” only as much as He hates shrimp.

7 thoughts on “Oh, Those Crazy Fundies!

  1. On behalf of Christians everywhere, I’d like to apologize for Fred Phelps and his followers. The only good thing Fred ever did was give me a catchy name for my web site as a form of rebuttal.

  2. They didn’t not back Al Gore for President. He backed Al Sr, who was a dixiecrat at one point. He protested Al Gore’s campaign.

    It’s December 8 in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, the day of the funeral for Al Gore Sr., a former senator and the vice president’s father. Gore has earned Phelps’ ire because, according to Phelps, his son “sold his soul to the fag agenda.” Falwell earned it partly because he called Phelps a “first-class nut.” And Shepard — “that little fag,” as Phelps refers to him — earned it, well, by being gay. It’s in this way, a Day-Glo vision of defiant hatred, that Phelps wants the world to see him.
    Today, few people will see him at all. The Nashville police and the Secret Service have forced Phelps and his small group of followers — wife Margie, three of Phelps’ 13 adult children, and a daughter-in-law — to a corner behind the site of the memorial service. There’s little chance that any of the dignitaries attending the service, including both the president and vice president, will be able to see the group in this location. Nor, for that matter, will many in Nashville: The police have shut down much of downtown, cordoning it off for the ceremony.

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