Oi! Oi! Oy!

Yes, I know, it’s incredibly un-PC of me, but when I was a kid I used to roll with a fistfull of skinheads. Not neo-Nazis or white power skins or anything like that, obviously. Generally they were SHARPies (skinheads against racial prejudice) and RASHes (red and anarchist skinheads), and they went around beating up racist skinheads or just got drunk and went to punk and ska shows. Anyhow, being rather familiar with skinhead culture, of course one can’t escape exposure to some of the neo-Nazi elements, one of which, of course, is the music.

One of the most popular of all neo-Nazi skinhead bands is a group called Skrewdriver, a metal band fronted by the racist stooge Ian Stuart, whose lyrics demonized blacks and Jews and anyone not of “pure Aryan blood” (like anyone’s a pure Aryan these days anyway).

What’s the relevance of all this? One of our readers just fowarded me a link to Jewdriver, a Skrewdriver spoof-band, which parodies their classic songs and reworks them with Jewish-nationlist lyrics.

Jewdriver was first conceived at a secret location in Oakland, California (circa 1994) when Ian Stuartstein and a fellow named Jay Oniskinwitz were sharing a bottle of Cherry Manischewitz (our official drink), something infected our brains that night and thought wouldn’t a Jewish Skinhead band be a great idea?!”

A brilliant idea, really. ROTFL doesn’t begin to describe the sheer joy… (c/o Davidissimo)

5 thoughts on “Oi! Oi! Oy!

  1. I saw Jewdriver last year at 924 Gilman in Berkeley. Quite interesting, there were a whole bunch of kids in yarmulkes at the show. it was super rad! very funny.

  2. Thanks for the plug, it’s good to know that some of our fellow Jews get the joke. some people call us Jewsploitation but we are just trying to have fun and explore our heritage at the same time.
    Feel free to get in touch via email to say hi or whatever, we love to hear from other positive minded folks!
    Ian Stuartstein
    All Hail The Jew Dawn!
    p.s. we really are just a joke band, we have no nationalist interests whatsoever and truly would like to see peace in the Middle East someday, a very sad state of affairs-complicated and frustrating for all peace loving Jews around the world.

  3. i wonder how many jewish punks and skins had this idea rollin round their heads in a drunken haze. I know I did, and that was back in 1990 when confederate hammerskins rolled deep in Charlotte So the concept’s great, but it figures a bunch of commies couldn’t play their way out of a paperbag, even when all you have to run through a few bar chords with that retardo-oi! backbeat, get your shit together motherfuckers!

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