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Last night, Keith Olbermann welcomed the inimitable Jeffrey Ross to riff on L’affair Gibson.

OLBERMANN: … How long do you think this one‘s going to last?
ROSS: I think the Jewish comedians of the world will bombard Mel Gibson for 18 days with jokes, then will take a 48 cease-fire then go after him another 18 days.
OLBERMANN: The apology—it referred to his behavior as a moment of insanity, refers to a world that seems to have gone mad. Is there an admission in there that he‘s really losing it or did he just watch his own version of “Hamlet” too many times?
ROSS: I think he‘s taking his apology seriously, which is nice. He‘s offered to be circumcised as a Jew, which I think is great. It‘s a step in the right direction. I think it should be done from the neck up. I think his actions have been despicable. …
OLBERMANN: After—well, but you know, Jackie Mason was on at the start of the problem and said that you can‘t take seriously things peoples what they‘re drunk. Is there going to be, to some degree, a pass given to him, because he was, you know, nearly in—his blood alcohol content was not exactly in the flammable range, but he seemed to be pretty close.
ROSS: And irony is the police report said he was drinking Manischewitz.
You know. I think Mel clearly has some problems, I think it‘s hard not to root for him to get better. I always loved his movies. You know, and “Passion of the Christ”—you know, I‘m Jewish, I‘m proud of that. I‘m not that religious, I go to temple like twice a year, Christmas and Easter. You know, as a proud Jew, I think events like this make me more proud as Jew, and I don‘t know I think we‘re all pretty mad at Mel Gibson right now. I think he needs to distance himself from the things he said and also, maybe from the thing his father said. Many years ago he said that his father denied the holocaust. I think we should—if Mel‘s going to deny anything, it should be “The Mirror has two Faces”…

More here (scroll down), including the auto-transcription of “Shabbos Goy” as “shavaskoy.”

4 thoughts on “From The Neck Up

  1. BRILLIANT. He is so funny. The funniest thing he ever said was — to BOTH their faces at a roast — “I wouldn’t fuck Sandra Bernhardt with Bea Arthur’s dick!”

  2. obviously jackie mason doesn’t know his talmud (for a former rabbinical student, cmon, kids) and he doesn’t know his latin
    In vino veritas==when you are drunk as a skunk the true personality and ideas come shining through…that’s why some drunks get nasty, some get weepy and some like Gibson let the antisemitism come out because it’s usually tamped way down. He ain’t the first and he sure as heck won’t be the last…forgive him if you want to…but basically he is what he is and it runs in the family.
    a leopard can’t change it’s spots even when its sober. And some one has got to read Maureen Dowd…Leon Wieselthier did his mama proud today.

  3. I think that the non-orthodox jews are too whiney. In this country we have freedom of speech. That’s what our non-jew forefathers fought for. They continue to produce smut in Hollywood for the boob-tube.
    If the non-orthodox jews don’t like it, they can get the UN to find a plot of land for them as well.

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