6 thoughts on “One Cult For Another

  1. There’s some really hideously important stuff worth knowing about over there. Seems to make alot of sense out of some of the overall weirdness of rightwingnut pseudo-philosemitism… if I may invent a new word.

  2. That place is across the street from Shun Lee Palace, perhaps the finest chinese restaurant in all of New York City.

  3. I used to be a “rightwingnut” psuedo-philosemite. However, my recent interaction with rude, ill-mannered, bellicose and racist jews has prompted me to rethink my opinions of God’s univerally popular “chosen people”.
    I also had occasion to read the Talmud where I found the answer to the age-old question of why everybody hates the jews: barbaric jewish anti-gentilism (or anti-goyism if you prefer).
    You racist little hook-nosed kikes! When will you learn?

  4. The unexpurgated Talmud contains what we might term “sociological pornography” and, God forgive me,with regard to their racist policies it would seem Adolph Hitler (whom we have to concede was a most unimaginative man-even his “Aryan theory” was a pitiful transparent mishmash) literally took a page out of their own book.

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