One hell of a blogteam…

I know you’ve all been wondering, just who are these Jewschoolers anyway? Welp, here you go: The official unofficial and quasi-incomplete list of Jewschool contributors and their short biographies.

  • Asaf, aka Moshe Oofnik, is an Israeli refusenik and a student at NYU. His father is a well known peace activist and the author of Aron’s Israel Peace Blog.
  • Bradford Pilcher is a writer for various publications including Jewsweek magazine.
  • The Town Crier is a student at Yeshiva University.
  • Grubness is a Lubavitcher chosid and a real estate broker from Crown heights.
  • Harry is the author of the popular Israeli weblog The View From Here.
  • Aaron Bisman is the founder of JDub Records, a non-profit Jewish record label.
  • Ari Davidow is the author of KlezmerShack and a Hebrew typographer.
  • Mobius is the founding editor of Jewschool, as well as a contributing editor to Jewsweek and the director of The Open Source Judaism Project.
  • Ronen Landa is a composer of film scores and commercial music. His work has been featured on MTV Cribs.
  • Douglas Rushkoff is a reknowned media critic and author who has written for countless national publications. His books include Media Virus, Coercion, Ecstasy Club, and Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism. He is a professor of media theory at NYU.
  • Sarah Lefton is the founder of Jewish Fashion Conspiracy.
  • Shamir Power is an informal Jewish education student at the Jewish Theological Seminary and an employee of the Teva Learning Center, a Jewish environmental education organization.
  • John Brown, aka Babylonian, is an activist and the editor of News From Babylon, a left-wing political digest.
  • Benyamin Cohen is the editor of Jewsweek magazine.
  • Shred Lexicon is a NY book editor and comprises a third of the hip-hop treo Regenerated Headpiece, who have opened for Public Enemy and were named one of the hottest local acts of 2003 by NY Newsday.
  • Ariela Krevat is a student at Washington U in St. Louis, the author of Urban Achiever, a frequent birthright israel madricha, and Mobius’ most favorite person EVAR.
  • Reb Yidlicious is a Chabad rabbi who would prefer his identity remain a secret. Sigh.

…And well, there ya have it. That’s who we be.

11 thoughts on “One hell of a blogteam…

  1. Actually, my music was on The Real World and Makin’ the Band… but it’s all the same. Some readers would be more interested in one of my current projects: The Dreams of Sparrows is a documentary about reconstruction-era Iraq, made in collaboration between Iraqi directors and American producers.

  2. With more fear and trepidation than sorrow and tears let me go on record as stating that I am a new guy on the block and wish you good folks would take note of my site: http://www.IsraelPundit.blogspot.com.
    I also have another but it is for the lust-ridden, over 25, curious, playful, curious and not for those devoted to spiriutal quests and mystical experiences (at http://www.Goodshit.phlap.net) at which joint, you will find nice ladies and oddball links of all sorts for art, photography, lit, science and whatever…
    If Mobious is a strip, this site is a strip tease…but the Jewish site should be kept within sight.
    by, Sasha Cooper

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