One Ring to Rule Them All

Ring Apparently, Tolkien isn’t the only one who likes magic rings.

According to the Testament of Solomon, a pseudepigraphic work of late Antiquity that serves as the basis for a whole genre of Solomonic magical lore, King Sol created a ring using a divine name of power and inscribed it with a seal, either a pentagram or hexagram (traditions vary). With this ring, he was able to enslave demons and he compelled them to help him construct the Temple in Jerusalem

Full story.

4 thoughts on “One Ring to Rule Them All

  1. From memory, I remember there being a tradition that it was supposed to be a rather plain ring, and that it was specifically efficacious against Ashteroth.

  2. Before I hit the link “full story”. I heard a similar story about King Solomon growing up as a muslim. Appearently this ‘testament’ reached the ears of muhammed as well. And it gives you an idea about how old the story is.

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