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Online Game Fights Poverty

A new website, FreeRice.Com (a sister site of Poverty.Com), has come up with a pretty intriguing plan: get people to play a vocab quiz game, and for every word gotten right, 10 grains of rice are donated through the United Nations World Food Program to hungry people around the world. (Those 10 grains add up if you play for a while.) The revenue is generated from pageviews for the advertisers at the bottom of the quiz game.
The vocab is pretty good–they have like 50 levels that self-adjust based on your answers, so it becomes pretty tough pretty quickly and, I have to say, kind of addictive.
Since you’re going to goof off online anyway, why not do it in such a way that helps someone?
(Tip from Justin G.)

5 thoughts on “Online Game Fights Poverty

  1. So now I can engage in intellectual masturbation AND tzedakah at the same time?
    I fear I may never go to work again.

  2. another website that you might want to consider: http://www.ripple.org and the various facebook / blog widgets that they offer.
    the idea is the same, clicking through and 100% revenue is donated to one of 4 available charities. it’s very easy and it’s made quite a nifty stash.

  3. Online games fights poverty- amazing game.I was confusing on this game.What would be the real purpose of this game? how does it works to fight the poverty?but beside i interested that game.Is this really works?
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