Open Mic in Brooklyn This Wednesday!

Here’s my new big project, and it’s hard not to just blurt out how psyched I am. This Wednesday, June 25, I’ll be hosting the first Jewish Open Mic at Tea Lounge in Park Slope (the big one, at 837 Union St.). Come at 7:30. (It’s also my birthday, and my anniversary of becoming a vegetarian, so I might be even more jumpy than usual.)
Bring poems, songs, stories, or whatever you’ve got — just don’t make it longer than 1 sheet of paper, or 3 minutes. I’ll be doing a set of my own to kick things off, and then everyone in the universe will be jumping into the world’s most spectacular Jewish variety show.
It’s free, and the stage open to anyone (What makes it Jewish? Pretty much just that the dude running it has horns coming out of his head…but it’s open to anyone, and you can do 3 minutes’ worth of pretty much anything). There are going to be some sort-of-celebrity guests, and anything can happen, and all I can say is you’re going to want to be there when it does. 7:30 pm start. Get there early or register on Facebook if you want to sign up. It’s presented by Shemspeed, Mimaamakim, the letter Q, and whoever else loves good art in the world.

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