3 thoughts on “Oprah Goes to Auschwitz

  1. Um…..great she’s going and everything, but couldn’t they have used a more serious picture of her on the billboard? She’s like “Yaaay woohoo Auschwitz!” *kind of* incongruous.

  2. The DVR is set. I don’t think I could really watch it with my two-, four-, and five-year olds. Not sure what age would be appropriate; if it’s not too graphic we may let the older one watch parts.

  3. I watched it last night. It was mostly all Mr. Wiesel talking (softly, all his words were subtitled) Oprah would nod her head and repeat a word in disbelif once in awhile, which was nice that she didn’t make it all about herself. It was really sad. There were photos shown that I haven’t seen before and was honestly very suprised they showed them on network TV. The whole hour only had 4 commercial breaks, with the first one after 20 minutes I think. It was all very solem, no cheesy background music to dramatize it. Not that you needed it. Towards the end of the show they were walking through the museum and showed all the shoes, baby clothes, suitcases and to me, the most distubing, 65 foot (?) long in-cased room of human hair.
    I was glad they showed this during prime time for more people to see.

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