Osama Bin Yahoodi

WorldNet Daily reports,

Speaking at a meeting of Saudi leaders in preparation for the kingdom’s international conference on counterterrorism, Defense Minister Prince Sultan referred to Osama bin Laden as being “sent by the Jews.”

The prince was quoting a poet who said, “Long live security – may its men hold their heads high on every corner. [Bin Laden], whose ideology is sick, who was sent by the Jews, who is the architect of theft, was treacherous and sent us the criminals. This traitor of the nation tried to harm us, but his efforts boomeranged back upon him.”

Well that’s one way to detract from your own culpability for financing and orchestrating 9/11: Just blame the Jews.

This calls for the resurrection of a lost classic.


8 thoughts on “Osama Bin Yahoodi

  1. Hilarious on one level, sad on another. I like the pic:) And I’m aware that there are Muslims who use the Jew excuse for everything under the sun, but it’s still sad to see their inability to take responsibility for their own shortcomings.

  2. The pic is hilarious :] The use of blaming Jews is getting old and the people who like to use the excuse “Blam it on the Jew” or “It was all the Jews fault”, should all burn were they stand. The Jews have been blamed for every thing. Don’t people think that the Jewish people have gone through a heck of a lot of oppression and exile thru the years. When will are people ever be left alone and when will every on get the F**K along.
    Damn i hope that this little world will get along.

  3. I have a long time claim that there are more ‘halachic’ Jews around then we think. Think about it, since (our current tradition claims that) kids born to Jewish female are Jewish, this also essentially means that matriarchial Jewish lineage is never broken.
    At any given moment, there are millions of Jewish families around the world oblivious to their nature. It is statistically undeniable that an unknowing Jewish female has married an unknowing Jewish man. Nevertheless, if she marries a goy, her kids are still Jewish. It is also undeniable that everywhere that Jews were dispersed, they also intermarried to some degree or another voluntarily, or not. Hence, Spain, England, and the entire Middle East are flooded with Jewish girls and their children.
    So perhaps they know that maybe Bin Laden’s mom is Jewish and therefore so is he?

  4. and FWIW,
    deep Jewish spiritual introspection says that all since the world was created for us to perfect, all good and bad ‘occurs’ because of our progress or retreat from that goal.

  5. Josh, in my conversion class, the issue was raised that one of the prosepective converts could probably prove she was halachically Jewish. Even so, we took the perspective that she should go through the conversion ritual, but raised the point that she may want to collect the evidence in the event she get more involved in the Orthdox community. Her conversion will be Conservative, but she is moving to New York (she’s here in Iowa now), so it wouldn’t be suprising that she might have a need to show her, or more importantly, her kids’ Jewish ancestry.

  6. Yisrael,
    I know someone else in cyberworld who sort of had the same issue with a higher probability, but went through the ‘conversion’ nonetheless for a ‘great’ way to do a crash course.
    Be’ezrat hashem, moshiach will come soon and he’ll be able to discern just by looking into a person’s eyes/heart whether they are Jewish or not, Cohen, Levi, and Yisrael. I truly believe that the conflict that occured when the largely secular ‘Russians’ made aliyah, will be dwarfed by the issues of mass American immigration of hundreds of thousands of previously unaware Jews. May we see that day.

  7. From his latest video:
    “The teddy bear that holds the ‘I love you’ heart does
    not love you at all,” Bin Laden said. “It is an
    unliving, unholy thing filled only with stuffing. Just
    as the Western infidel is not bestowed with the
    blessings of Allah, so shall he go unloved by the
    false bear.”

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