Our Girls Aren’t Good Enough?

JDate outsources:

Her name is Hila. She is 22 years old and lives in Tel Aviv. She is very attractive, single, looking for a Jewish husband from a good family, and most important – she is a mouse-click away. This is how the banner persuades you, the Jewish bachelor, to enter the Jewish dating site JDate and find the love of your life.

But Hila in the banner is no other than pornographic model Kari Gold, 18 years old, who lives in Hungary. She is, indeed, very attractive, has a boyfriend and is not looking for a Jewish husband at all. Gold says she is not looking for spiritual qualities in men.

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19 thoughts on “Our Girls Aren’t Good Enough?

  1. Haaretz. The newspaper of record. Has a falling out with JDate over advertising rates and goes after them in an ‘expose’.
    Sick newspaper.

  2. Yeah porn stars are a little surprising but I think all the dating sites do the same thing.
    All the girls and guys on those annoying yahoo personals ads are too hot to be true as well.
    It is kind of an evil bait and switch though..
    Meet hot Hila- oops just kidding-
    how about frumpy Rachel instead.

  3. E : Is that what actually happenned? Because they’ve been a bit yotseh min ha klal with their jdate bashing lately.
    And Shifra? I’ve seen Hila in all her glory. She’s a skank. I’ll take Rachel any day!

  4. Looks like Haaretz has sour grapes.
    If you look at their advertisers who have banners on their site, one of them is Jdate.
    Anyway… Haaretz has some hidden agenda behind it.

  5. Get over it. I saw the a magazine a few months back comparing a few site advertisements. Two were for dating, one was for a bank I think. They all used the same stock image of a girl.

  6. Well,
    is this Kari Gold really Jewish? I think the only problem is if she’s slept with a goy because then I think that she has to be stoned.

  7. Well,
    is this Kari Gold really Jewish? I think the only problem is if she’s slept with a goy because then I think that she has to be stoned.
    Let’s start with Monica Lewinsky.

  8. Whether or not Ha’aretz had a falling out with JDate doesn’t impact the truth of the story. And the story only has a “bite” because of the image JDate tries to project and their target audience. They deserve to be skewered. Of course, if anyone believed those hokie ads in the first place they deserve what they get too….

  9. Jewish Mayhem, what the fuck are you on? Atleast Jdate has members and if there adverts feature some horny models, so what.
    When you look at adverts on other services, do you actually think they are real?

  10. I will tell you a couple of great site. One is Jmatch.com it is OK at best. Another is Jcafe.com Not soo Good. There is a New one though called http://jmerica.com and this one is like no other. This one has stepped outside the box and is not just a Daing site. This site combines all sites in one. All I can say is check it out. I love it…..

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