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Overheard in DC or Random Moments in Hipster-Watching and Nationalism

I was walking near my office earlier this week and overheard a conversation between two bikers. Both were riding fixed gear bikes and wearing vintage hats. One of the two bikers had on a keffiyeh with the PLO/Arafat keffiyeh worn as a scarf.
arafat keffiyeh
This is what i heard:
keffiyeh guy: so, lunch?
non-nationalist symbolism guy: yeah let’s grab falafel.
kg: [several second pause] falafel, what’s falafel?
nnsg: you know, it’s, like, made of chick peas. it’s really fuckin’ good.
kg: whatever man. i’m always up for some new shit.
thank god for urban outfitters and amateurish hipsters. a winning combination if ever there was one.
in related food news, today i got some takeout and they threw in a fortune cookie. I got back to work and ate at my desk while trying to hit a deadline. the fortune:

“there is a true and sincere friendship between you both.”

Both? Me and my computer? In bed?

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