Oy, you could die from radio like this

Eric Fixler’s taken a break lately from offending the Berkeley administration by helping his wife give birth to some really cute twins. Oh yeah, and also by moving Oy Mendele! – his audio roundup of Jewish thought and culture – off KALX and onto the web.
(For those of you fortunate enough to live far away from UC Berkeley, therefore finding yourself ignorant of its FM offerings, KALX is the occasionally transcendent campus station that apparently finds Jewish programming dangerous. Read: potentially demanding of “equal time” from other scary, possibly objectionable religious programming. Feh. I’ll leave it to Fix to illuminate us further at his discretion in the comments.)
The latest OM! installment features interviews and music from Socalled, the new record by the Cracow Klezmer Band, and Benjamin Paloff on the transcendent art, tragic life, and unsettled legacy of Bruno Schulz. Darned good listening around the house, and the archives feature some good interviews with the likes of Charming Hostess, Matisyahu, Tim Barsky, Sha’ana Street, Basya Schechter, yours truly and some other Jewschoolers I could shake a finger at.
Oy Mendele! is available at the somehow familiar-sounding URL JewishMediaConspiracy.com.

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