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Palestinian Art

It is not every day you will find a recent former yu boy publishing on Arab American News. Today it is art enthiusiast Menchem Wecker who reviews Gannit Ankori’s new book “Palestinian Art.” Ankori is a Jewish professor of art at Hebrew University who offers detailed insight on a relative unkown. As is his signature style, Wecker siezes an oppurtunity to “stick it” to common MO social mores.

3 thoughts on “Palestinian Art

  1. I’m glad you’ve taken time to call attention to the ecumenical Mr. Wecker. Though your post carries a distinct connotation of displeasure with Mr. Wecker’s article in the Arab American News, I feel you and all associated with YU should raise a glass and offer an encomium to Mr. Wecker, whose work has proved that YU can produce alumni with diverse and open-minded views. To this end, it’s worth noting that Mr. Wecker has also published in the Muslim Times and the Arlington Catholic Herald:
    Perhaps Modern Orthodoxy ought to embrace Mr. Wecker as its poster-boy for interfaith dialogue.

  2. Thank you Michael. Where exactly did I express “displeasure” ?
    I pointed to the article as a point of interest without expressing pleasure or displeasure.
    I cited his opening as a signature style.

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