Palestinian Solidarity Activists Kidnapped in Iraq

Reuters reports,

Iraqi insurgents holding four Western hostages threatened in a videotape to kill them unless Iraqi detainees are released by December 8, Al Jazeera said on Friday.
The tape showed what the television station said were two Canadian hostages receiving food from their captors. An American and a Briton were shown speaking to camera in what the channel said was a call for detainees to be released.
It was not possible to hear what the men were saying.
“They gave those concerned with the hostages until the 8th of this month before killing them if their demands are not met,” the Arabic broadcaster said.

The four hostages are members of The Christian Peacemakers Team, a group of Quakers who protect Palestinians from settler attacks in Hebron. Palestinians staged a demonstration yesterday in Tuwani calling for their immediate release.
The Shalom Center has launched an interfaith petition in solidarity with CPT. Click here to sign.

8 thoughts on “Palestinian Solidarity Activists Kidnapped in Iraq

  1. Yeah… Very ironic… I guess they don’t really try to distinguish between “good” Christians or “bad” Christians.

  2. If Arab Terrorists put those fuckers out of their misery, just for a moment I will hate them with a little less intensity. Kol Hakavod Zarqawi. You are proving to be a mindless arab savage that you are.

  3. Btw, I hope that the “peace activists” will turn the soon-to-be-beheaded quakers into martyrs, just like they did with Rachel Corrie (yimach shma vezihra). Though, it’s very unlikely, since Israel is the object of their hatred, as opposed to the Arab Terrorists for whose actions the “peace activists” can always find justifications.

  4. Does anyone see a resemblance between ‘Zaqwari’ and ‘Emmanuel Goldstein’ of 1984? As in, neither exists, but is used as a propaganda tool? Every time there is an arrest, or a killing of an ‘insurgent’ in occupied Iraq, it was of Zaqwari’s right hand man (or, someone close to the Paul Bunyan Osama, who manages to not only control every terrorist in the world from his cave dwellings, but also receives dialysis in them).
    A couple of years ago, I was at at lecture given by Bob Meeropol, and I asked him if — as Truman’s nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were to terrorize the world — he thought that the judicial execution of his parents (the Rosenbergs) was to terrorize the US population, he said, ‘yes.’
    Then he went on to say that ‘Muslims of today are the communists of the 50s.’
    Listen to the fascist diatribes coming out of Bush/Cheney utterances: at any point, you can take out the words ‘terror’ and ‘terrorist,’ and replace them with ‘communist,’ and ‘communism,’ and you have — essentially — McCarthyite and Churchillian speeches.
    It’s most likely that those who have kidnapped the CPTers are mercenaries, not insurgents…

  5. Way to go Miriam. You are too politically correct to accept the fact that Arabs have a tendency to be mindless, brutal savages who don’t care who they hurt. That’s why you have to invent a conspiracy theory. By the way, McCarthyism is a myth.

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