Palestinians ‘made millions’ selling cheap cement for barrier they bitterly oppose

Telegraph (UK): (Via Drudge)

“Palestinian businessmen have made millions of pounds supplying cement for Israel’s ‘security barrier’ in the full knowledge of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader and one of the wall’s most vocal critics.

A damning report by Palestinian legislators, which has been seen by the Telegraph, concludes that Mr Arafat did nothing to stop the deals although he publicly condemned the structure as a ‘crime against humanity’.”

Maybe it’s time for those supporting divestment to divest from Palestine!

13 thoughts on “Palestinians ‘made millions’ selling cheap cement for barrier they bitterly oppose

  1. Palestinian cement, used under Arafat’s control, built by Hamas.. you would think the fence is 100% Palestinian.

  2. and interesting – i heard this story from a palestinian peace activist already in January-Febuary. the corruptness of arafat has reached new levels.

  3. FINALLY! I agree with Asaf on something! The story IS old! Not so interesting anymore though, I mean seriously, the whole corrupt Palestinian leadership thing is sooo over done. What is interesting is that the honorable PM Qureia’s family is allegedly involved. You remember Qureia? He’s the guy that was so offended by Yasser Arafat’s appointment of his infamously corrupt nephew Mussa to the top of the Palestinian Security apparatus that his conscience compelled him to attempt a resignation.
    But wait a minute. I think I get it. Palestinians sell cement to the Israelis to build the wall. The Palestinian leadership urges the Palestinian people to fight for the destruction of the wall, ISMers chip away at the walls with hammers, etc. Then the Israelis have to buy even more cement from the Palestinians!
    These people sure are enterprising!

  4. as long as we’re posting old news about unbelievably ironic corruption:
    Sale of ammunition to Palestinians by soldiers described as ‘tip of the iceberg’
    By Ellis Shuman, Israel Insider
    An IDF reserves officer was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of being involved in the sale of ammunition and weapons to Palestinians. Two days ago, four soldiers, residents of the settlements of Adora and Telem, were arrested for allegedly selling ammunition to a Palestinian in the Hebron area. Police suspect that some of the ammunition may have been used in the terrorist attack in Adora in April, in which four Israelis were murdered in their homes.
    Senior officials familiar with the case believe that additional arrests will be made. They told Maariv that the sale of ammunition to Palestinian terrorists uncovered by the police was “only the tip of the iceberg,” and said that they expected “additional discoveries that would shock everyone.”
    Israel Insider

  5. babylonian – interestign that you bring that up. there are so many cases of israeli-jews, some of them soldiers, selling arms to palestinians. sadly, for some reasons when the palestinian-arab citizens of israel do the same thing, that whole population is put on a trial.

  6. asaf, youre point is correct that there are scum israelies who actually give aid and comfort to the enemy……………..and i think you know who i mean.

  7. wow avi that was witty. hope you didnt stay up two nights before coming up with that. if you have anything interesting to say, i’d be glad to listen (read).

  8. corruption ,corruption,corruption!!!
    that’s all I can say…

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