Phil Aroneanu

After Paris, Beirut attacks, Jews reject hate

The horrific events on November 13 in Paris and Beirut, when more than 200 men, women and children were indiscriminately killed, are difficult to comprehend. Our hearts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and the people of Paris and Beirut.
As Jews, we know what it is like to be threatened and targeted with violence. We understand how hateful words, ringing in the ears of marginalized people, can turn into hateful, incomprehensible acts.
And yet, even before the dust has settled, presidential candidates like Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and others called for the US to close its borders to refugees fleeing from the same kind of brutal, hateful violence.
Over 6 million refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and elsewhere have left their homes, fleeing violence to protect their families. Some have made the perilous journey to neighboring countries, Europe or the US, only to be turned away — the US only accepts 70,000 refugees annually.
We reject the cynical politics of hate, which only begets more hate. We condemn the careless words of candidates and others who would stoke that hate in order to capitalize on fear for political gain.
We call on President Obama and Secretary Kerry to reject hate, and immediately expand the number of refugees the United States accepts.

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