Passion of the Maccabees

We reported to you months ago that Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ follow-up would be a film about the Maccabees. Now comes word that Gibson may be buying the rights to My Glorious Brothers, a book about Chanukah’s band of brothers by Howard Fast. Although Fast has passed and his literary estate lies in the hands of an agent, Fast’s widow told the New York Daily News that she spoke to her Jewish friends about the idea. “I spoke to [ADL Director] Abe Foxman about it. He said he’d feel more comfortable putting it the hands of Mr. [Harvey] Weinstein than Mr. Gibson.”

Great, now Foxman wants to extend his dominion over who gets to produce movies? Earth to Abe: You’re a pompous self-absorbed ass. Stop embrassing Jews all the time. You’re not helping.

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