Passover Pork

After over doing the inane comparison between livestock and holocaust victims, PETA invokes the voice of the one and only Joan Rivers, urging everyone to “pig out on pig” this coming Passover.

On its new voice mail message for the season, callers to the PETA hotline (888 Veg-Food) are greeted by the raspy has-been’s declaration: “This year, you can pig out at Passover—you can put some pork on your fork, and it’s kosher! I’m not talking about eating a dead pig—yuck!—I’m talking about fakin’ bacon, pseudo-sausage, pigless pork chops, and the wave of wonderful new mock meats in supermarkets everywhere.”

Die. Die. Yay, nu?

[That was harsh. —Ed.]

3 thoughts on “Passover Pork

  1. i promise you god won’t kill you if you eat pork. i have jewish friends that do it to piss of their parents. i was raised catholic and i eat meat on sundays to piss my parent off. I wouldn’t dare think that god is so pety as to tell you how to dress or what to eat.

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