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  1. Stunning. Really. I can foresee a whole series of these. Maybe we should start a JS series of parody PR announcements….

  2. My favorite part of the website: much like many Jewschool posters – and most of the int’l community – the website doesn’t recognize the end of the Israeli occupation in Gaza.

  3. I admit, I was a “fan” of the site on facebook, but then I watched this video. Ewwww. Cheesy beyond belief. I should have done my research. Blecchhh.

  4. Arie writes:
    the website doesn’t recognize the end of the Israeli occupation in Gaza.
    How do you mean? The map of Israel that forms part of the logo doesn’t include the Gaza Strip. (It might or might not include the West Bank — the “S” is strategically placed so we can’t tell.)

  5. @J1-who’s offended here? although I can give you about a billion reasons academic media critics may give you…
    @chakira-it doesn’t feel even a little desperate to you? it’s more like a beer commercial then for a country. when you see ads for Australia, you see kangaroos and surfers and the sydney opera house, for France, you see Paris and the Riviera, for Dubai you see spice markets and water taxis. For Israel, shouldn’t you see Jerusalem, oily bronze dudes in speedos hitting a plastic ball back and forth, some old guys eating sunflower seeds, Nachalat Binyamin artist market, windsurfing, snorkeling, Masada, you know, get people to want to go there because of all the cool things you can do and see, not because of sexual enticement (and if you want to use sexual enticement, I’m sure they could have found some sexy Israelis). But what exactly about this ad makes one want to visit Israel?
    Or is this just not funny…

  6. Justin asks:
    who’s offended here?
    KRG wrote: Stunning. Really
    DAMW wrote: I. I. I don’t even have words
    Ilana wrote: Ewwww. Cheesy beyond belief. I should have done my research. Blecchhh.
    TWJ wrote: It’s so… wrong
    I know a lot of Jewschoolers love Sasha Baron Cohen’s brilliant work, so maybe the problem is that this video was made with paid actors, instead of filming– and humiliating– innocent people.

  7. I think there’s a difference between tasteless humor coming from a private entertainer and tasteless humor coming from a state-sponsored propaganda piece.

  8. totally BZ, great reference. and J1, none of those statements seem to be offended. they just don’t like it. i don’t think people don’t like it because it’s hurtful or offensive, i think it’s because people are surprised someone even came up with the ad.

  9. apparently all of the pr mechanisms I mentioned in the post above can be found on the website of this group. does anyone know who these people are? other than canadian?

  10. @BZ- my bad. I guess seeing any map of Israel with no indication of a Green Line makes me see Gaza, whether or not it’s there.

  11. Folks, this is just the FIRST VIDEO IN A SERIES! I kid you not. There’s more of this crap to come. I for one can’t wait. I hope they keep it coming. At this rate, the world will be laughing hysterically at the foreign ministry, the Canadian UJA, the Canadian Jewish fatcats & everyone else who funded & thought this campaign was a boffo idea.

  12. @Richard, Yes! I’ve never felt my country’s Israel organisations have represented my voice, and this is just further proof. I’m not looking forward to the other ads in the series….

  13. I guess it’s worth thinking about what the likely aims and outcomes of the ad are.
    Did it encourage you to visit Israel? (Didn’t change my opinion on this.)
    Did it encourage you to visit their website? (Sure did, although I didn’t spend very much time there.)
    Did it change your opinions of Israel? (Me? Not so much. But others? Possibly. For good or for ill? That’s a bigger question.)
    (Bonus question: did it change your opinion of Canadian Jewry?)

  14. And I’m done.
    When did Jewschool slide from a place where one could be a progressive Zionist to one that only and constantly mentions Israel in a negative light.
    So long Jewschool. Me and my progressive Zionist friends will look for somewhere else. Let me know when putting something pro-Israel out (that doesn’t get into the conflict) will be OK for you.

  15. TomC = concern troll with no record on site.
    It’s official: Israel = zayin katan. Canada called it.
    It’s offensive to those who hold “teh funnay” in high esteem.

  16. I don’t know what a concern troll is, but I empathize with TomC’s comments. Of course since I know many of the posters from time they’ve spent in Israel, I don’t take their non-taking to the ad as a sign of anti-Zionism. But I certainly see where TomC is coming from, that Jewschool is becoming more and more alienating to those of us who consider ourselves progressive Zionists.

  17. It’s alienating to have multiple sides of the discussion on the same site? Sorry. Remember those mountains of rah rah posts about J Street?
    Incidentally, I don’t see this discussion having much to do with Zionism at all. Unless the proper Zionist answer is to heap praise on Israel (and/or her supporters) for pandering to the lowest (sexiest?) common denominator and cheapening the message of what Israel’s about and why it’s important.

  18. It’s not bashing Israel, it’s bashing a Canadian marketing campaign promoting Israel. There’s no need to split hairs about this… unless you’re a concern troll.

  19. @B.BarNavi
    I was curious if a real answer would be provided to the issue I raised – so I thought I’d check this thread one last time (a glimmer of hope remained in me). Instead I was attacked as someone with no record on this site.
    First of all, I’ve been on this site for years. If you want my record you can check here:
    Second of all – you did not address what I’m worried about. Please try to avoid attacking me instead of my opinion. I certainly didn’t attack you. Even if I hadn’t posted before, my concern would be valid.

  20. TomC, you don’t exactly make a compelling argument that our dislike of this ad is somehow an abrogation of Progressive Zionism. If you rephrase your question/complaint in a way that invites discussion, perhaps then we’ll discuss it.

  21. Offended? Not at all! I definitely think we should continue to advertise Israel’s fine points by comparing it to a tiny penis. Please, continue!

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