Pay $90 To Be On VH1

While we’re in the spirit of posting casting calls (see Danya’s “motivational speaker” post below), I came across this earlier on Jewish Blogmeister:

Wednesday Oct 19 2005 – 7 pm to – 10:45 pm
JOIN VH1 AND ACTRESS ANDREA ROSEN AT SHOSHANNA’S MATCHES JEWISH SINGLES SPEED DATING & DINNER PARTY FOR AGES 21-38. Event at Gente Ristorante Italiano Website: http://www.genteny.com 153 East 45th Street (Between Lexington and 3rd Avenue) New York, New York 10017 Come meet and greet with some of NYC hottest Jewish singles ages 21-38. In one short evening you will have the opportunity to go on 2 minute dates with attractive Jewish professionals, enjoy an incredible sit down dinner in which you will be able to sample three different wines from various regions of Italy that complement each meal, and we even guarantee that you’ll receive your speed dating results before you leave the restaurant. Contact Information: Shoshanna’s Matches (212) 292 4403 Cost: $90.00 per person in advance Please RSVP by calling Shoshanna’s Matches by Tuesday Oct. 18, 2005 We accept MasterCard – Visa only please. On the web: www.shoshannasmatches.com.


5 thoughts on “Pay $90 To Be On VH1

  1. funny cause it’s not a kosher restaurant and there probably won’t be a sukkah…and it starts 23 mintues after havdallah time (for those who keep two days of yom tov). sounds totally awesomely secular to me!

  2. Lesson One: In which shamir learns that the majority of Jews out there aren’t Orthodox and therefore have no need to kowtow to their every demand. You frummies may be able to do that in Bnai Brak, but not in NYC.

  3. Lesson Two: In which badchen learns that Miss Shamir grew up Reform and has a masters from JTS, wears a kippa, and layns Torah from the bimah.
    Damn frummies.

  4. Yeah, I posted this to JDaters Anonymous last week, and my readers had some interesting comments. But most of us agree that there’s very little chance an event like this would be worth that kind of kesef. For what? For the kavod of maybe being on a VH1 show? If you’re that anxious to be on VH1, just wait. My brother’s already been on six of their shows or so, and I’m convinced they’ll get around to bloggers as talking heads pretty soon, so just wait…

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