Peace Now, Freedom Of Speech Later

If AG Mazuz is pissing off Peace Now, he must be saying something worthwhile:

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz sparked furious debate Wednesday by saying that there was “no indication” that the 1995 assassination of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin had been sparked by incitement.
[…] Mazuz warned that excessive use of laws against incitement could curb free speech. “The atmosphere within the public has an influence, but it must not be used as an excuse to shut people’s mouths,” he said.
[…] The Peace Now organization reacted with anger to the attorney general’s comments, stating that “The attorney general is himself paving the way for the next political assassination in Israel,” Israel Radio reported.

Hm. I say ban Peace Now for suggesting the fact that Mazuz is indirectly responsible for the next potential political assasination. For all we know, they may be paving the way for his murder!

7 thoughts on “Peace Now, Freedom Of Speech Later

  1. Better keep your mouth shut next time somebody’s ranting about how the Jews need to be dealt with. All they’re doing is excercising freedom of speech. When was that last time incitement in America killed anyjew — er, I mean any Jew who didn’t kill gentile foetuses for a living? Or any Jew who didn’t work at certain Olympic or Federal Buildings?

  2. Its ridiculous to suggest that Peace Now is planning an assasination. There is reason to act on incitement, and it is a valid opinion that there is at least some incitement in Jewish politics (Kahane’s Jewish Defense League comes to mind as a possible case). Especially after recent shooting we’ve got to be careful. Uri Avneri and Amos Oz are not about to call for any kind of assasination.

  3. this is the kind of stuff that really ought to be avoided.
    i’m fairly certain Asaf *is* being ironic 😉 but the story is really terribly saddening not in light of Israel decision to leave the Gaza Strip, but in light of the opportunities being squandered in spats like this.
    i’m referring to Zionista’s
    Start Running With A Better Crowd
    Posted by Zionista | 03, 2005

  4. I don’t know Asaf’s point but he correct that Israel has become an undemocratic tyranny. As Asaf well knows many are disenfranchised- those who feel that the only way to have peace is to remove the hostile arabs from Israel.

  5. Particularly apt considering that the spokeswomen for the Sa-Nur settlement – one of the settlements slated for expulsion in Samaria – was arrested yesterday morning, solely for “inciteful speech”. They just came in and took both her and her husband into custody, leaving neighbors to care for the kids.
    This also comes after a judge twisted and turned to justify the imprisonment of minors for non-violent political activity. The judiciary backed down earlier this week and released 15 year old girls who were arrested for sassing a policewoman while handing out leaflets on a street corner.
    Democracy, anyone?

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