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I’m just the limmud announcement girl today, ain’t I? It’s a full in-box some days. There’s also a Peace Yeshiva starting up in Jerusalem. Info below or go here.
Summer 2006
Israel-Palestine Human Rights Peace Yeshiva
Are you seeking to visit the Holy Land with a diverse group of socially, religiously, and spiritually engaged young people? Are you ready to meet face to face with peace-workers, policy-makers, and activists in the Middle East? Do you want to build the connection between Judaism, human rights, and activism? Are you ready to further dialogue, make peace, ask questions, and seek understanding?
Avodat Torah Peace Yeshiva
July 2-22, 2006
Three weeks in both Jerusalem and the West Bank
Torah study with progressive rabbis
Volunteer placement with NGOs in the West Bank
Homestays with Palestinian families during weekdays
Weekends in Jerusalem
Havurah-style worship and spiritual reflection
Go to the “Avodat Torah Peace Yeshiva” page.
Peacemaking, peacekeeping, peaceseeking, and peaceworking are intensely religious experiences—Avodat Torah Peace Yeshiva was built to be the home for Judaism-inspired peacemakers, of all denominations and affiliations, regardless of education level. Here, we stress not just the love of Torah, but the work of Torah, the ethical and halakhic obligations to be our brother’s keeper, to do justice justly, to make friends of our enemies, to call out the transgressions of our own communities.
The Peace Yeshiva couples traditional Torah and Jewish ethics study with home stays in the West Bank and participation in hands-on community service with Israeli, Palestinian and international NGOs. We will spend three weeks living with Palestinian families in Bethlehem, volunteering our hands to nonviolence and tzedek, and studying Torah and prayer. Come join this wholly unique experience of Torah study, prayer, selfless service, making new friends, confronting occupation, and learning how to find God and hope even amidst tragedy.
(This program is non-denominational, egalitarian, vegetarian or kosher if needed, and welcomes anyone committed to Jewish study and worship, regardless of education level or experience.)
Registration closes May 25th.
For more information and to apply today, visit:
These programs are offered by the nonprofit Bina Kehilla, Inc., 501(c)3 pending.

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