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Peretz Fires Separation Wall Architect

JPost reports,

Danny Tirza, the Defense Ministry’s chief architect for the West Bank security fence, was fired on Monday by Defense Minister Amir Peretz who was said to be unhappy with Tirza’s performance in the sensitive post.
According to news reports, Peretz was not satisfied with Tirza’s work and was interested in making changes to the planned route of the fence while focusing solely on Israel’s security needs and not on the inclusion of additional settlements.


3 thoughts on “Peretz Fires Separation Wall Architect

  1. Good for Peretz. That wall might be a good short-term idea, but the execution was just an excuse for creeping annexation and land theft. This is one step for the Labor Party in redeeming itself for the sin of enabling the West Bank settlers in the first place, back in the 60’s.

  2. Haaretz carries the larger context: the supreme court criticised the defence ministry (i.e. Tirza) for witholding information (i.e. lying) and claiming that the route is drawn only out of “security” concerns. This was proven false last week by the state’s self-admission. Tirza embarrased the ministry and lied, so he will be let go.
    IMHO – he should go to jail.

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