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Photo of the Day: Judaism Dictates Peace and Unity

“A contingent of over 50 Rabbis and other Orthodox Jews, representing Orthodox Jews from throughout New York State, assembled Thursday, August 11, 2005, on the steps of the City Hall of New York, to bring to the attention of the public that they are in opposition to [former Kahane henchman] Assemblyman Hikind’s views supporting the use of Racial Profiling against people of Middle-Eastern descent by the New York City Police Department.”

20 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Judaism Dictates Peace and Unity

  1. Neutrei Karta? You’ve got to be kidding me. I wouldn’t consider them to be an official voice of ANY Jewish community except their own. They have no credibility, given their proclivity towards antagonism against Jews other than them and Jews who choose to practice their religion differently than they do.

  2. Only a guy like u, John Brown, would quote and be buddy with Neturei Karta.
    I guess you and arabs (so called ‘palestinians’) have a common friend (Neturai Karta) and a common enemy (Jews).

  3. They need to go back to squabbling over Kashruth and the legitimacy of the Brooklyn Eiruvs. These are the same people who would be content sitting in their Shtetl being violated by Cossacks and the like.

  4. Joe Schmo wrote: “Only a guy like u, John Brown, would quote and be buddy with Neturei Karta.
    Well first of all, I’m not ‘buddies’ with NK. To me they’re in the category of ‘religious nuts’. However I am willing to look past that and I stand with them on this – that the Kanahist idiot Hikind’s statements are damaging to whatever precious little Jewish-Arab unity that may exist. I’m glad the NK guys stood up to denounce Hikind, because where the hell is the ADL on this, or the rest of the so-called ‘mainstream’ Jewish community leadership? They’ve been completely silent as far as I can tell. Since when do Jewish organizations stand silent as there are calls for racial profiling against people who look ‘different’ ?
    Secondly – as far as quoting them goes – do you disagree that Judaism dictates peace and unity ?

  5. These people never made much sense to me. Neturei Karta means people that guard the faith by remaining in the study halls night and day. This here picture, seems a big waste of time if they should be elsewhere learning.

  6. I’m confused… are we arguing about people holding a sign promoting (however nominally) “peace and unity”?? Even if you don’t like the group or whatever… I seriously don’t see what you can grumble about with this picture or event. Good grief.

  7. Juedaism does not dictate peace and unity with those who would murder and oppress Jews for being Jews.
    I mean, a lot of Arabs simply want Peace and Unity with Jews the way the Kanamit simply wanted To Serve Man.
    Would you jokers be saying “What’s wrong with serving man? Good grief! “?

  8. poikilotherm – it sounds like you’re telling us that we should do unto others as has been done to us. I hope i’ve misread. history dictates that to be a seriously unsound and catastrophically deadly idea.
    Even though i’m not neturei karta’s #1 fan, I think what they’re doing here is valid and necessary. too bad they’re the only jews present for that reason.

  9. Flurry, I honestly don’t think NK could careless about peace and unity. In their distorted logic they believe that after the Holocaust the Moschiach should have come. Instead, Israel was born, thus prolonging the arrival of the Moshiach. They believe that after the downfall of Israel the Moschiach has to come. Plus they have big issues with the Secular establishment in Israel as well. THeir numbers are few, and are considered schmucks in the majority of the orthodox community

  10. Ok, maybe I’ll choose my words a little more carefully: I wouldn’t consider them a credible voice on anything Jewish related, no matter how much I agreed with them. Extremist hate groups are extremist hate groups. What would you say if someone said this:
    “I’m not ‘buddies’ with Aryan Nations. To me they’re in the category of ‘religious nuts’. However I am willing to look past that and I stand with them on this.” It wouldn’t look to good, would it?
    I’m not defending Dov Hikind or what he said at all; I disagree with racial profiling on so many fundamental moral levels it would take forever to get into. However, quoting Neutrei Karta, in any way, grants them a little legitimacy. They have none.
    Why hasn’t the Jewish community responded as much as they should? A number of reasons: most of them haven’t heard of Dov Hikind or his statements on racial profiling (here’s a shocker, most American Jews don’t live in New York, including myself). What he said has not had that much press. It could also be with disengagement happening, most people’s attention in the Jewish community is on that. It could be a number of reasons.
    Digital is right; they couldn’t give a damn about peace and unity (If Israel were to disappear, as they want, it sure as hell would not bring peace or unity). They’re just interested in maintaining their own power structure. How do they do that? By claiming anyone who doesn’t believe as they do is not Jewish, hence their “Real Jews abhor Zionism” or other bullshit signs like that.
    They’re phonies and hypocrites and bend every rule in Judaism to justify their hypocrisy and bigotry.

  11. Jared – how can you possibly compare Neturei Karta to Aryan Nations, and call them a ‘hate group’ ? To me, the comparison just seems *wildly* off-base

  12. John Brown:
    Simple: both use hate to justify their own primitive beliefs. Where Aryan Nations uses hate to justify their racism and anti-semitism, Neutrei Karta uses hate to justify their antagonism towards secular Jews or Orthodox Jews who don’t agree with them. Both have used violence (although Neutrei Karta to a lesser degree).
    I guess the thing here is that they both hate irrationally. That’s the big comparison. And that irrationality makes both illegitimate.

  13. lemoncheese:
    You misread, and rather badly. Saying that we are not required to embrace those who try to do us harm is not the same as asying that we should murder them.
    John Brown
    When the activities and vocal concerns of NK are focussed on current events in New York, you’ll have a point. Till then……Toodles

  14. The NK is more than a group of religious nuts – they’re active traitors to the tribe. They stumbled over themselves trying to kiss Arafat’s murdering ass and were even on the PA payroll. To hell with them.

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