Piamenta with DJ Logic @ Mexicali

Yep, you read that right. Famed hasidic guitarist Yossi Piamenta (whose fee for playing a wedding constitutes highway robbery) will be jamming with virtuoso turntablist DJ Logic (known for his exceptional collaborations with jazz trio Medeski, Martin & Wood) at Teaneck’s Mexcali Blues Café, this Thursday night (June 10). Looks like you ain’t gotta cross the bridge for real music anymore…

19 thoughts on “Piamenta with DJ Logic @ Mexicali

  1. Since Piamenta is not forcing anyone to hire him, it is not ‘highway robbery’. If you think he’s worth it and can afford the fee you hire him; if you don’t think he’s worth it or can’t afford him, you don’t. It’s no different from buying a car. It’s called the ‘free market’. It’s what makes America great.

  2. what’s your point? I assume your sister didn’t think he was worth $5,000 (or couldn’t afford it) so she didn’t hire him. (I happen to agree that he isn’t worth $5,000; in fact, I wouldn’t want him for free but that’s my opinion). But why does his request for $5,000 constitute ‘highway robbery’?

  3. he wouldn’t make that at a night club in one night, why does he think that, just cuz someone’s getting married, he can ask for an exorbitant amount of money?

  4. mobius
    He thought he could ask $5,000 because he assumed your sister would be willing to pay it. He can ask that because in America you can ask whatever you want; no one is required to agree to it. Had he asked for $2,000, perhaps your sister would have agreed. As it is, Piamenta probably ended up staying home that night and making nothing because your sister wasn’t willing to pay $5,000.
    This is called capitalism and I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Do you think he has an obligation to play at your sister’s wedding?

  5. dude–why are you being an enormous, sweltering asshole?
    oh, right, because you’re a capitalist.

  6. LOL….nice exchange guys. I happen to work with Yosi and you are certainly entitled to your opinions, but what do you think MBD, or Avraham Fried ask to do weddings? In the Jewish world they command high prices, it’s that simple. If nobody wanted to pay them they wouldn’t work.

  7. my other sister used to work with him too; wrote lyrics for him and helped out with bookings. did he factor that in when giving my mom a quote? nope. i even did free graphic design for him back in the day. what was his quote? $5000. ridiculous.

  8. mobius:
    Because you never answered my question. “sweltering”????
    There is a difference between Piamenta being a greedy ingrate with no sense of hakoras hatov on the one hand and being a ‘highway robber’ on the other.
    Had you said that he should have quoted you a reasonable price because he owed you I would have been sympathetic. Since I am a capitalist but not a prophet, I had no way of knowing this until your last comment.
    Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean he’s a highway robber, just a greedy ingrate.
    SammyPop: Sounds like Yossi should have given Mobius’s sister a break. What’s up with that?

  9. cuz i think a jewish musician jamming w/dj logic is a pretty big deal .. he’s playing with oteil from the allman bros. that week too

  10. he wouldn’t make that at a night club in one night, why does he think that, just cuz someone’s getting married, he can ask for an exorbitant amount of money?
    As a musician, you make a lot more money playing simchas than playing nightclubs. Unless, of course, you’re a rock star who fills stadiums.
    $5000 sounds more expensive than your average wedding band — this site quotes $2500 as the average price for a 14-piece orchestra. On the other hand, Yossi Piamenta is a little bit famous…

  11. (Oh, sorry — hadn’t read the part where this should have been a personal favour. That’s different, obviously.)

  12. I don’t get involved with the wedding side of his business so it’s tough to comment on a situation I know nothing about. If there is a misunderstanding perhaps you should touch base with Moni again. He will have no problem discussing the matter with you.
    Just for the record, Yosi Piamenta is one of the most generous, genuine people I have ever met. To call this man greedy is totaly off base. He is kind to a fault.

  13. Sammyspop
    Never having met Yosi P. other than a ‘sholom aleichem’, I have no opinion. I was talking in theory, based on Mobius’s rants. If I gave any other impression, I’m sorry.
    8opus, what decade was that website from? Try hiring 14 pieces from Neshama or Negina for $2,500. The SOUND SYSTEM alone for a gig like that will cost $2,500.
    As Sammyspop pointed out earlier, Shiny Shoe “stars” like MBD get much more than that. $5,000 for a premium guy is not all that much (unless he owes you).

  14. i didn’t call him greedy … i just thought it was kinda nuts to ask for $5000 off the bat. adonai & i asked for $3000 and they’d have to come from boston & upstate ny–and they get way more press than piamenta.

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