9 thoughts on “Pigeonholy

  1. I believe the arabic is supposed to say “Allahu akbar” (Allah is Great) , but it’s missing the last letter (the “raa”)
    what is actually says is “allahu akab”

  2. Actually it is correctly spelled.
    He probably copy/pasted it anyway so it’s not likely he misspelled.

  3. no– it’s been fixed since I commented. it was then missing the “raa” before, and the “baa” was in the final form.
    trust me, I may be an american jewish girl, but I can read arabic.

  4. “trust me, I may be an american jewish girl, but I can read arabic. ”
    I see, can you read it with or without vowel help? Most arabs don’t need the stripes that tell you whether it’s aah , ee, or uu. But since I am Turkish I need the help.

  5. I read it even though i don’t read Arabic. It’s in the iconography stupid! God is, indeed, great–and she is neiither Arab or Jew, thank God.
    Rebecca you kick ass! Go girl!

  6. I read rather poorly– vowels help me tremendously with phrases I haven’t seen/heard before, and I’m very slow. But this one was quite within my abilities.
    I’d say americans like me need those vowels more than you 🙂
    Ben Baruch– no problem, I’m quite proud of myself at the moment.

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