Pillow Fight!!

A few weeks ago in the Parisian metro I spotted a young man casualy walking around while his hands were holding up a pillow. On the pillow it said: “Pillow Fight Club / Monday 7:06 PM in front of the Notre Dame / Mobile Clubbing” or something of the sort.
And now, I finally figured out what its all about. Haaretz reports that a 500-person pillow fight, organized by this same Mobile Clubbing group or whatever it is, took place at Rabin Square. The article is only hebrew, so for more info check out this website.
This is a variation of the flashmob organizing idea. Pretty neat.

5 thoughts on “Pillow Fight!!

  1. It’s a no-brainer to rehash that humans are social creatures, virtually all of whom need human interaction as much as we need food (of course there are exceptions to both of those ‘needs’ and some people can go without either, safely, for extended amounts of time, as if supernaturally).
    And while I see these ‘mindless’ events a massive waste of time and proof that people who think they’re cool should ‘get a life’, at the same time, I truly believe that these things are incredible, if only (like the organizers suggest) that it draws people out of their homes to take part and think about the stupidity (no one denies it) and how it should be directed afterwards towards productiveness. The awesome thing going for most, if not all, of the these ‘mass’ events is that they are free, and are not out to hurt anyone (I assume that organizers stayed to clean up the feathers at the end as well).
    No denying that an increasing amount of us are bored, stuck in routines, and surf blogs, when we should be more active.

  2. I used to crave mindless ‘fun’ and look for kicks too. That’s life for someone who isn’t religious, eh?
    Nowadays though, I try to do more productive things with my time. I’m not perfect and I don’t believe in locking up myself or most people in a yeshiva either. I think going cold turkey on ‘secular’ culture is not healthy, but as time goes by, and contrary to what most people think about ‘born-again/tshuva’ people, without any Rabbi telling me what to do, I find that the Jewish/torah world offers many, many opputunities for ‘enjoyment’ that is productive for you and others at the same time.
    You’re getting me wrong. I think recreation is very important, just that it shouldn’t be the goal of someone’s life. Even the yeshiva world has ‘ben hazmanim’ vacation from 18hour study days.
    And with little effort, and our cunning Jewish mind, you can justify any ‘mindless’ fun, by bringing along someone or some underpriviledged child to share a new experience that might broaden his mind with some encouragement beyond the mindless fun.
    Have a pillow fight, have a reason. I think that was accomplished.

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