Please help: Two missing teens in from Potomac/Georgetown area

I just received the following in an email. Please send to anyone you know in that area and keep a look out:

Rachel Smith, from North Potomac, along with her friend Rachel Crites, have been missing since Friday, January 19th. They were going to a movie in Georgetown on Friday afternoon and haven’t been seen since. Rachel Smith, who is currently a junior at Wootten High School, also ran track last year. She is 5’1″ tall and weighs about 118 lbs. She has green eyes and medium-length brown hair (the photo below is a fairly current one of her). Rachel Smith is 16 and is too old for an “Amber Alert”. Her mom, Marian, is a preschool teacher at B’nai Tzedek. Marian just learned today that the last phone call she received from her daughter on Friday afternoon was actually traced to a cell tower in Charlestown, WV — so the girls could be
anywhere at this point.

Rachel Smith:
Rachel Smith

Rachel Crites:
Rachel Crites

They were last known to be travelling in a dark blue Subaru Outback Station Wagon with a black cargo box on the roof. The license plate number is MD:MBJ 485. Anyone who has any knowledge of where these girls might be or has seen the vehicle, please call Montgomery County Police ASAP at 301-279-8000 or 240-773-5400 or call 911.
And please circulate this message to everyone you know. Photos and above text also available here.

3 thoughts on “Please help: Two missing teens in from Potomac/Georgetown area

  1. A big “yashar koach” for posting this. This is a very disturbing story. The latest news report is that the older of these two girls had had some emotional problems and wrote a diary entry the day she left that indicated an apparent suicide plan (to which I can only pray ‘God forbid’), and the younger girl apparently tried to buy some time by telling her parents that they were “at the movies” (when they were already in West Virginia…)
    Those who can search should search. Those who can pray: let’s pray.

  2. From: Stephie Cohen
    Subject: RIP Rachel Crites and Rachel Smith
    Sent: Saturday, February 3, 2007 4:12 PM
    My condonlences go out to Rachel Smiths and Rachel Crites families. The two missing girls, Rachel Smith and Rachel Crites live in my area Gaithersburg/Potomac… and many of the people who go to my school know them in person.
    “the bodies of two girls were discovered yesterday in Loudoun County in a car that belongs to the family of one of two Montgomery County teenagers missing for two weeks They had aparently committed suicide.” I dont have either of the girl’s family’s email address so i hope that somehow this email finds them. Please use this email to share your condolences before forwarding it onwards to others….
    Dear Rachel Smith’s Parents, Lindsay, Rachel Crites’s parents and all family and friends of both the girls,…These two weeks must have been more heart wretching than any person could imagine. I can only hope that both Rachel’s (Smith and Crites) personalities, and spirits will live on in your hearts. My blessings go out to all of you. I am so sorry for your loss…and that things had to come to this. I hope this email finds its way to you. Love,
    Stephanie Cohen

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