Please join us at either or BOTH of this year's Hazon Food Conferences–East and West

Come to the Hazon Food Conference — on the East Coast or the West Coast!
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The Hazon Food Conference is the only place where farmers and rabbisnutritionists andchefsvegans and omnivores come together to explore the dynamic interplay of foodJewisAllow Images for Best Viewingh traditions, and contemporary life.

allow images for best viewingDon’t miss four days of do-it-yourself
food workshops, lectures, discussions,
joyful Shabbat celebrations,
kids & family programming, and
delicious, consciously-prepared food.
Register today!

The Hazon Food Conference East:
December 9th-12th
Isabella Freedman
Jewish Retreat Center
Falls Village, CT

Program Highlights:

  • Goat Milking and Cheesemaking with ADAMAH
  • The Miracle of Mise en Place
  • Pleased to Meat You: the story of the kosher meat revolution
  • Tu B’Shvat: Trees, Torah & Mystical Wisdom
  • And more!

The Hazon Food Conference West:
December 23rd-26th
Walker Creek Ranch
Sonoma, CA
Program Highlights:

  • Beyond the Canned Food Drive: Food Justice in Your Community
  • The Changing Paradigms of Kashrut
  • Perception, Theology and our Relationship to the Natural World
  • Bake it: Chocolate Babka
  • And more!

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Register before October 31st and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a copy of Sue Fishkoff’s new book, “Kosher Nation: Why More and More of America’s Food Answers to a Higher Authority.” This fascinating book chronicles the growth of the kosher industry in America in the last century — and the last chapter features the Hazon Food Conference and the New Jewish Food Movement!

Allow Images for best viewingQuestions?
Renna Khuner-Haber (Food Conference – West) – [email protected]
Anna Hanau (Food Conference – East) – [email protected]

Allow Images for best viewingHazon creates healthy and sustainable communities
in the Jewish world and beyond.

hazon.org[email protected]
125 Maiden Lane, Suite 8B, New York, NY 10038 (212) 644-2332
332 Pine St, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94104 (415) 397-7020

6 thoughts on “Please join us at either or BOTH of this year's Hazon Food Conferences–East and West

  1. the center was founded to support young women in the garment industry in the early 20th century, but you know, we’ve all learned that you never pass up an opportunity to advertise to the world your hutzpah

  2. Jews of all kinds use Isabella Friedman and its glatt kosher kitchen. Likewise for Pealstone. Any Jewish group looking for a location for a conference or retreat need to find a kosher facility. IF and Pearlstone serve that need in the New York and Baltimore/DC areas respectively.
    Additionally, many folks involved with Hazon and the new Jewish food movement are orthodox. David has no idea what he is talking about.
    Haters just gonna hate, is all.

  3. @Justin
    While I’m sure that many people at this Jewish Retreat Centre are very familiar with the early 20th century, the only connection NW CT would have with women and the garment industry would be when hedge fund wives from Darien would need a new outfit.
    Didn’t see much about help for any working class folk on their website, naturally.
    @ DAM Wilensky
    Left-wing Jews have Retreat Centers. Right-wing Jews have Advance Centers (or at least don’t have Retreat Centers)
    If any Jew in the NY area can’t find a conference site with a glatt kosher kitchen closer than NW CT they’re not looking too hard.
    And I’m sure all the Orthodox Jews in the SF Bay area (Sonoma) and NW CT (Falls Village) will be out in force.

  4. In 1891, the Baron De Hirsch Fund, a Jewish immigrant relief fund, paid eastern European immigrant Jews to get back to their agricultural roots, head out into the country and start farming- instead of languishing in the cities. About 1000 families headed for central Connecticut. City Jews in need of some fresh country air began visiting these farms because they were run by lantsmen and provided kosher food. Several of these farms stopped farming after awhile and became famous Jewish resorts. I’m not sure that what’s now Isabella Freedman was a De Hirsch project, but it sure fits the model and was established at the right time.

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