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Pleasurable Delights

Some weekend loveliness for your weekday pleasures:

  • Robin Washington looks back on the Million Man March
  • Cheney and civil war
  • Aaron Freeman on Parsha Noach
  • A sad day when Santorium reaches out to Jews by guilt and “evoking the menace of Islamic fundamentalists”
  • Settlements continue despite promises otherwise

And to mix it up, some books of pleasure I’ve been tip-tapping through:

One thought on “Pleasurable Delights

  1. Followed the link to the piece on the Million Man March.
    “We know what it is that is hurtful to Jews in some of the words of Brother Farrakhan, even if he isn’t talking about black Jews. And we feel the indignation and assault on black personhood when some Jewish organizations attempt to tell blacks who black leaders should be and where they should lead us. The Anti-Defamation League’s public denouncement of the march as “the most mainstream event led by an anti-Semite in recent American history” can be viewed as nothing but an attack on black leadership.”
    It was not an attack on abstract “black leadership” but on a specific conspiracy-mongering black leader who has made anti-Semitic slurs on numerous occasions. Plus given than Farrakhan is the leader of an anti-Semitic cult, the ADL and all Jewish organizations should continue to criticize him and the NOI without pause.

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