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Poetry of Family Tree

Despite my undergraduate degree in English, I can’t say that I have much of an understanding of or enthusiasm for poetry. However, I do get excited about interesting Jewish cultural events, particularly those happening outside of New York (or, I suppose, Israel). So I was pretty excited to stumble upon this video of an event held in Seattle towards the beginning of October.

The event was called “And God Said, Come On Inside: An Evening of Queerly Spiritual Spoke Word & Storytelling,” put on by TumbleMe Productions.
The event organizers described the evening thus:

“And God Said, Come on Inside” will cast light (and shadow) on the complicated terrain of spirituality and religion for Queers, Perverts, Sinners, and Rebels of all Varieties. Featuring 13 performers in an intimate venue, the show promises to be prayerful, dirty, uplifting, hard-hitting, and (ir)reverent. Come prepared to be moved by spoken word, shifted by song, haunted by image, and reflected by moving mirrors.

While I might not get charged up by performance poetry, I can certainly get behind “prayerful, dirty, uplifting, hard-hitting, and (ir)reverent.” Anyone out there in Jewschool-land attend one of the performances and care to report back? Or better yet, who knows of upcoming off-beat performances out there in the wide world of Jewish culture? Share and enjoy.

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