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Police Brutality in Sheikh Jarrah

Just a few days after “incitement day,” today’s protest in Sheikh Jarrah was far more tense that have been the protests for the past month or so. Y-net reports:

Violent clashes broke out Friday afternoon between left-wing activists and police forces in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.
About 30 protestors were arrested and one demonstrator was lightly injured. She was evacuated to the Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital in the capital, suffering from bruises.

At one point, about 100 protestors settled on the road leading to the Simeon the Just compound, which was recently inhabited by four Jewish families armed with a court order following the evacuation of Arab residents.
The police declared the protest an illegal gathering and ordered the protestors sitting on the road to evacuate themselves within three minutes. The activists refused to leave and were forcibly evacuated from the area.

In the same place where earlier this week the police protected 2 days of nationalist, pro-settlement celebration, it was clear today that those of us who do not share that sentiment do not have equal rights to express our views in the neighborhood. What a country.
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5 thoughts on “Police Brutality in Sheikh Jarrah

  1. No. In one case, the protesters were demanding equal treatment under the law (the police should allow a left-wing protest in the same place that the right-wing protest had happened a few days earlier), and in the other they were objecting to a governmental decision. Additionally, I read nothing in the article you sent about the kind of injuries and broken bones that the protesters suffered on Friday.

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