Political Pandering At Its Finest

The Jewish Journal reports, “President Bush hugged a cantor, listened to an Orthodox high school choir, walked with an addict-turned-rabbi and heard success stories of the Jewish-based Beit T’Shuvah addiction treatment center during his March 3 Southern California visit.”

And yet somehow, but a week after printing this story, they bought into that shit hook, line and sinker. Feh!

That man’s family fed my family to the ovens! (I wholly disagree with Loftus’ position there on Dubya, but that’s another story—it just goes to show, his reporting’s objective.)

3 thoughts on “Political Pandering At Its Finest

  1. Dubya’s familial flaws is not a good reason not to vote for him. As the article accurately points out, Kennedy family members also profited from Nazism. A good reason not to vote for Bush is the destruction of nearly all things that Judaism values: social justice, freedom, peace, and the environment, just to name a few.
    Of course, it is an interesting comparison: John Kerry’s family, died in the Holocaust; George W. Bush’s family, profited from the Holocaust.

  2. i’m not suggesting that that’s why you shouldn’t vote for him. i’m saying that it disgusts me that this nazi’s grandson is kissing jewish babies so that he can continue to take down the world around him, and our people are all too eager to go along with him on it.

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