Pope Invokes Fetal Holocaust

Deutsche Welle reports,

A new book by Pope John II has caused an outcry among Germany’s Jewish groups due to passages that some critics say compare abortion to the horrors of the Holocaust.


In one passage, after evoking the massacre of Jews by the Nazis in the Holocaust, the pope writes that the democratically elected parliaments that replaced brutal authoritarian regimes in some countries continue to carry out murder on a huge scale by allowing abortion.

“There is still, however, a legal extermination of human beings who have been conceived but not yet born,” the pope writes. “And this time, we are talking about an extermination which has been allowed by nothing less than democratically elected parliaments.”

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7 thoughts on “Pope Invokes Fetal Holocaust

  1. Maybe he’s right.
    The systematic premeditated killing of fetuses with vacuums, rusty hangars, and advanced medical ‘science’. I wonder if anyone can quanitfy the number of abortions carried out in the world for simple convenience (rather than health of mother)?

  2. Consider the fate of the tumour! It’s alive, growing and trying to multiply. Let it live!
    Unfortunately, if we disallow the ‘medical’ removal of these living creatures, we’ll only provoke an increase in the frequency of ‘at-home’ amateur medicine, like we’re seeing for abortions under Mr Bush’s reign. Me, I say “Let ’em do their own cancer treatments, those murderers! Let ’em take their own risks!”

  3. Extermination and holocaust, are words that have been defined in dictionaries long before WW2, long before thirty-million Chinese (five times the numbers of Jewish expunged last century) experienced undesired premature death at the mercy of the Japanese.
    The ethnic cleansings of the Balkens didn’t see much help from the Jews whom should have been protesting. Our pains as peoples could at least be put to improving the world. None of us will see peace otherwise.
    Outbursts of outrage that fetus’ are exterminated in use of word could be a guide to further illumine ourselves/minds as to injustices to others whom need our help.
    G-d guide us

  4. “like we’re seeing for abortions under Mr Bush’s reign”
    Name one abortion Bush has stopped or one at-home abortion he has caused. The bottom line is that regulating abortion is not in his power, so do not confuse his views with his actions. Even if Roe v. Wade were reversed, the power to regulate abortions would lie with the states, not the Congress, and certainly not the President. I happen to be pro-choice, but being dishonest about legislative/executive power in this situation does a disservice.

  5. This nonsense from the Pope disgusts me. (I’m a former Catholic.)
    The Catholic Church did precious little to oppose real genocide / real holocaust in Europe – and has never apologized for that sorry episode. It is still trying to sweep under the rug the disgraceful pattern of priestly sexual assaults and associated coverups around the world. What right has this man to use the word Holocaust? What chutzpah!

  6. whats new? everyone claims the halocaust card nowadays. as much of a supporter of peta as i am, i was disgusted at their visual comparison between chickens and the halocaust. whats the solution? on one hand we have those who dont accept the halocaust and on the other, we have everyone who claims it for their own cause. maybe saying something would be nice, then again, were talking about the catholic church here, the largest group of people who dont question their authority.

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