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Popes and dopes

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Also, Jewschool’s favorite dope, the ADL’s Abe Foxman, defended the Pope’s visit to Israel on the grounds of encouraging ongoing good relations between the Catholic and Jewish communities. I forget that as much as I can’t stand the man’s worldview on Israel and anti-Semitism, he’s not totally offensive. Just mostly.

5 thoughts on “Popes and dopes

  1. What Foxman doesn’t remember is that Israel’s catholics are all Arabs. Palestinian Arabs. You can’t coddle the pope with one hand and discriminate against his flock with the other.

  2. Since no one is posting comments here anyway… here’s an interesting perspective on Israeli economic development.
    You can tell right away – at least I can – it’s coming from an engineering mindset, which hits on one of my pet peeves – Jewish kids going into “political science” and other bullsh*t degrees.
    Polisci is a hobby, not a degree. If you can’t manufacture, produce or innovate, then you can’t compete, and if you can’t compete, YOU ARE WORTHLESS!

  3. Amit, the Forward had an article on the small number of Hebrew-speaking Catholics in Israel.
    Firouz, why couldn’t you have told me this five years ago?

  4. Half my friends went into polisci. It’s such a shame. I told them then. I pleaded with them. You are not idiots. Try chemistry, try physics, even economics, just try something that will actually be useful to you! Everyone is looking for the easy way out. Except Muslims. Half our graduate chemistry department was Muslims.

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