Popes Defended Jews Against Blood Libel

Massimo Introvigne, founder and director of the Center of Studies on New Religions in Rome, reveals the details of a 1759 document by Cardinal Lorenzo Manganelli, the future Pope Clement XIV, dispelling the myths of Jewish blood libel. And apparently Manganelli wasn’t the only to defend the Jews of Europe on this topic:

Less than 20 years after the first serious accusation of the use of blood, in England in 1247, Pope Innocent IV intervened, with a first bull of condemnation, followed by others, prohibiting that Jews be accused “of using human blood in their rites.”
A consistent and constant magisterium continues with Gregory X, Martin V, Nicholas V and Paul III, from the 13th to the 16th centuries.

Full story.

2 thoughts on “Popes Defended Jews Against Blood Libel

  1. I remember there was this crazy woman who use to hand out pamphlets on 23rd street and 6th ave back in the early 1990’s that mentioned Jews using the blood of children in matzah. Me and my friend used to visit her and get into sparing matches ( we were maybe 13 at time time) about her crap. Wish, I could have had this article at the time

  2. Very nice. They also did much to encourage the idea that Jews regularly went around killing christians for their blood. It’s weel documented in Popes Against the Jews, for example.

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