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Praying for Mumbai

At the time of this posting, Mumbai has been under terrorist siege for over a day, and information about the situation is still forthcoming only slowly.
One of the sites surrounded is Mumbai’s Chabad house, and it seems that the rabbi there, Gavriel Holtzberg, and his wife Rivka are likely among the hostages, along with, possibly, others. Reports indicate that Chabad’s cook managed to escape, taking the Holtzberg’s toddler-aged son with her.
Reports also indicate that there may be 20 or 30 Israelis among the hostages at the Oberoi Hotel, along with unknown numbers of other American, British, and other foreign hostages, and presumably Indians as well.
The death toll of these attacks is now being tallied at over 120, with over 300 injured.
May this end soon, with no more casualties. May everybody find their way home safely. May the memories of those who have already died be for a blessing. Mumbai, our prayers are with you.

3 thoughts on “Praying for Mumbai

  1. As the tragic news comes from Mumbai, I’m troubled by reports that consistently say 2 Americans were killed, and a Rabbi and his wife at the Chabad Center. Weren’t the Rabbi and his wife Americans? My impression is that they were – or at least the Rabbi was. If so, why is the distinction made between Americans and Jews?

  2. It’s a tragedy no matter what – absolutely. It just strikes me as interesting that the Hasidic people who were killed – the Rabbi and his wife apparently had dual citizenship, and another victim was American – are not initially counted among Americans. Just strikes me as an indication that Orthodox and/or Hasidic Jews are seen as ‘other.’

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