Prepare My Way

A Catholic convert from Judaism believes that the Jews are not only our “elder brothers” in the faith, but that their prayers and actions prepared the way for Jesus Christ and the salvation of mankind.

Roy Schoeman, who grew up in a Conservative Jewish home and studied extensively with rabbis, realized the full significance of Judaism as revealed in Catholic doctrine after he converted. Since then, the former faculty member of Harvard Business School has studied at several seminaries and has recently written Salvation is from the Jews.

Schoeman shared with ZENIT why Judaism and Christianity can only be fully understood in relation to each other, and how the role of the Jews did not necessarily end with the first coming of Christ.

Riiiiiiight. Our role continued all right. See “We’s Was Robbed,” four posts down.

It’s okay though. Not all Christians are evil. 😛

9 thoughts on “Prepare My Way

  1. I think you missed the point of his statement. I believe he is trying to say something to the effect of: “Despite past christian beliefs and ideology, the role of Jews did not necessarily end.”
    It sounds like he’s promoting tolerance between Christians and Jews, saying that christianity needs to understand judaism in order to fully understand itself.
    This is not an unreasonable statement considering that Jesus was born a Jew too.
    btw, most christians are not evil, just as I could say that not all Jews are good.

  2. Shalom, I’m a Catholic former Brandeis student, with Jewish grandparents on my mother’s side, so that’s my excuse for kvetching here. Besides I’m doing research for an article about Roy Schoeman. I recently met Schoeman on a pilgrimage to Israel, and I can tell Bradley that Schoeman not only is trying to say that Christianity needs to understand Judaism to understand itself. He also believes that Judaism needs to understand that it is fulfilled in Catholicism, and that the culmination of G*d’s covenant with His Chosen People was the first coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Schoeman quotes the Torah and the Christian New Testament and the official writings of the Catholic Church as stating that conversion of the Jews is a prerequisite for the Second Coming of Christ. And he believes that the Nazis were diabolically led to try to either destroy the Jews or to destroy the Jews’ faith in a good G*d, to prevent Christ’s second coming.(Well, the diabolical plot to destroy G*d’s good name sure worked with people like Elie Weisel!) Schoeman was converted by miraculous encounters with Christ and with His Mother, so from his personal encounters with the Messiah and His Mother, Schoeman has no doubts that the truth lies in the Catholic Church. Me neither.

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