Pro-Kahane Websites Deemed Terror Orgs

Four websites espousing the philosophies of deceased Jewish nationalist leader Meir Kahane have been deemed “foreign terrorist organizations” by the US State Department.

“The listing, which went unnoticed when announced Oct. 3 in the department’s annual redesignation of the world’s terrorist organizations, includes the four sites operated by the Kach and its offshoot, the Kahane Chai, both of which have been designated by the department as terrorist organizations.”

The websites include newkach.org, kahane.org, kahane.net and kahanetzadak.com.

Kahane, a vocal supporter of expelling the Arab population of Israel, who founded the “extremist” Jewish Defense League as well as Israel’s banned Kach party, was assasinated by an Islamic terrorist in NYC in 1990. His son, Binyamin, who founded Kahane Chai, was killed by Palestinian snipers in December 2000.

This is the first time websites in particular have been labeled terror groups by the U.S. People who donate money to or purchase materials from these sites can be charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization and those affiliated with the organizations can be denied visas to enter the U.S.

So much for freedom of speech… I don’t see David Duke or the Aryan Nation’s websites on that list.

6 thoughts on “Pro-Kahane Websites Deemed Terror Orgs

  1. On a first amendment basis, I don’t agree with the censorship of websites no matter who creates them, as long as they don’t break any laws by committing fraud, credibly inciting violence, etc.
    But if they censor Kahanist sites then you’re right, they certainly should censor David Duke and Aryan nation sites too since it’s not that different, and those groups (white power) have certainly committed their share of terrorist acts

  2. guzofsky comes off like an extremist maniac and neglects the fundamental reasoning behind this decision—in order to create the impression that they are not squarely biased against islamists, the state department added a jewish group to the list. it’s an appeasement tactic.
    further, subscribers to kahane ideology have carried out several attacks against palestinians over the last twenty years. their numbers may seem miniscule in comparison to the actions taken by islamic terror groups, but nonetheless, these militants do employ terror to further an agenda inspired by kahane’s vision.
    kach and kahane chai may not plan, organize, nor claim responsibility for these attacks, but they certainly plant the seed of hatred that motivates these militants to carry out their actions. that, however, does not make them a terror group. they are simply a hate group.

  3. That response page is moronic. It basically says that kach’s philosphy is based on Torah, and thus can’t be terroristic. Even if it were true (and it’s not) it would be irrelevant, since, (and this is one of the few nice things I can think of to say about our government) I don’t think our legal system allows you to harass other groups because your religious document says so.
    If you don’t think that Kach is inciting against Arabs, you’re naive. The only reason there hasn’t been more violent action by Kach members against Arabs is because many of the Kach member probably joined up to be cool and/or are too wimpy to actually do anything.
    I’m suspicious of the government’s motivations in their terror designations, but I’m sick and tired of Jews defending violent racist extremists because they’re ‘our’ violent racist extremists.
    Kach does not espouse Jewish values, and it’s time for other jews to cut them loose. Game over.

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