Pro-Palestinian Group Seeks To Shut Down French JDL

IslamOnline reports,

A French pro-Palestinian group has asked for banning an extremist group blamed for inciting hatred and physical violence against Arabs.

Olivia Zemor (Olive & Stone) group has made the calls for the Jewish Ligue De Defense Juive (an organization defending Jews in France) to be added to the list of terrorist organizations.

The call comes on the heel of the conviction earlier this week of two members of the Jewish organization for attacking pro-Palestinian activists of Olivia Zemor in France.

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4 thoughts on “Pro-Palestinian Group Seeks To Shut Down French JDL

  1. A Pro-Palestinian organization is calling any other group of people terrorists. And a French Pro-Palestinian Group on top of it. I believe the largest percentage of criminal acts in France are being committed by Muslims of various origins. Isn’t this a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.
    Also from reading the article, I am not sure how serious the attacks were. One of the attackers was sentenced to only 4 months in jail and the other was sentenced to a 10 year suspended sentence. I am not sure where I was going with this, but it seemed important when I started the paragraph.

  2. I’m not going to comment on the irony of the situation, but I’m not going to stand up for the JDL either. I don’t know if the different chapters come in different flavors, but at the heart of the JDL is the racist Kahane ideology. In the US the Irv Rubin committed suicide while awaiting prosecution for planning to bomb Islamic sites and target a US congressman. This sort of activity is completely unacceptable, and I was glad to see him arrested. Terrorism is terrorism whether committed by Muslims, Jews or Christians.

  3. you obviously dont understand the european flava of what you lump together as JDL groups. These are gropups of posted watchmen /security agents posted infront of shuls and jewish centers to pretty muhc pick up the police slack…

  4. I dont know anything about this group. i do know that my parents hosted a family to Rosh Hashana dinner who just moved to L.A. from Paris. This moderately observant Jewish family (the father is actually no Jewish) left France because they have experieced anti-Semitism and do not feel safer. You’d have to feel pretty insecure to bring three teenagers who dont speak English to a new country.

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