Probing camera exposes both sides of Israeli checkpoints

The latest in an unending flow of documentaries about the malignant state of affairs between Israel and the Palestinians, “Checkpoint” succeeds unusually and disturbingly well in pushing the viewer into the middle of the action.

A vérité film that records events as they unfold, without narration or commentary, “Checkpoint” visits the sites of the most frequent and freighted interactions between Israelis and Palestinians — roadblocks and crossing points in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Israeli border police, even the most humane, come off as arbitrary, brusque and ill-equipped. Consequently, one gets the gnawing sense as the film unfolds that the primary aim of the checkpoints is not to protect Israel from malevolent infiltrators but to control a population.

Full story. More on the film in The NY Times. See a segment here.

2 thoughts on “Probing camera exposes both sides of Israeli checkpoints

  1. nice going mobius, another antiisaeli article. interesting that today a muslim murderer blew himself up at a border crossing, seriously injuring several israelis. could that have anything to do with the attitudes expressed in the article? nah, of course not, israelis are awful, just ask mobius

  2. oh right–because jews who are critical of the israel establishment are responsible for terrorism.
    get back under your bridge mr. troll.

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