Prof Docs Jewess Jocks

“A Western Michigan University historian has partnered with a well-known Israeli filmmaker to develop and produce a documentary on the history of American Jewish women in sport.

“Dr. Linda J. Borish, associate professor of history, and filmmaker Shuli Eshel will use archival research, news footage, still images, and interviews to trace the early years of prominent American Jewish female athletes and sports administrators, culminating with the induction of the first class of women into the 2003 Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

“The film, titled Settlement Houses to Olympic Stadiums: Jewish Women in American Sport, will examine figures like Charlotte Epstein, recognized as the mother of women’s competitive swimming, and Senda Berenson, who studied the teachings of Dr. John Naismith in the 1890s to develop the first rules for women’s basketball. Current athletes will also be highlighted, including LPGA professional Amy Alcott, Olympic gold medal skating champion Sarah Hughes, and ESPN sportscaster Linda Cohen.”

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