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Progressive Judaism Debate Progresses

  • The LA Jewish Journal’s Rob Eshman chimes in.
  • The Forward had several related pieces last week…: Why Not Let Moderates Engage Far Left?; Can Campus Coalition Unite for Israel?; Is Community Open to Critics of Zionism?
  • Norman Geras: “There are people who seem to think that if a certain kind of view is held by a Jew, this gives it special authority. Hence the practice of some non-Jewish writers, when criticizing Israel, of citing in support of their criticism someone else who is Jewish and holds a similar view to their own. […] Yet, affirmations of this kind, whether from Jews or from non-Jews, are extremely odd once you take a moment to think about it. The fact that someone happens to think something as a Jew, or to hold the same opinion as a Jew, is neither here nor there in establishing its cogency.”
  • Alvin Rosenfeld responds to his critics.

6 thoughts on “Progressive Judaism Debate Progresses

  1. I’m too busy to really write a response, but I would hardly call Rosenfeld’s response “progress”.

  2. Just a nitpick on the subject line:
    The debate is about progressive Jews, but it’s about politically progressive Jews (with respect to Israel), not about progressive Judaism.

  3. “Such questions are raised continually by a broad range of commentators. Read Yossi Klein Halevi, Michael B. Oren, Dennis Ross, Hillel Halkin, and Michael Walzer, to name only a few of the best informed commentators, and you will find such discussion taking place in thoughtful and clarifying ways.”
    These are Rosenfeld’s examples of reasoned dissent? Talk about trying to narrow the range of acceptable debate.

  4. Alvin Rosenfeld is not a Nazi Stalinist McCarthyist dissent stifling thought police right wing freak.
    (hoping this shows up in Google somehow…)

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