Protest in NYC for Kosher workers treated badly…

… and sadly, this is not related to Agriprocessors. From our friends at the Jewish Labor Committee. If you happen to be near Brooklyn today, near 4pm, stop by:
WHO: IWW Workers at Flaum Appetizing kosher food supplier fired
en masse for supporting fired fellow worker.
WHAT: Protest and Press Conference
WHEN: Thursday, June 19, 2008 4:00 p.m.
WHERE: Flaum plant, 288 Scholes St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn
WHY: Workers organized with the Industrial Workers of the World have been waging a bitter struggle with management at Flaum Appetizing, a major distributor of high-end kosher products in Williamsburg,
Brooklyn. Previously required to work more than sixty hours per week without legally-mandated overtime pay, without sick leave, holidays, vacations, or even drinking water on the job, the workers joined the IWW, and through collective action have won some concessions, but management continues to treat them with contempt and to pay them starvation wages.
Last month, a worker was fired without cause. Her fellow workers demanded her reinstatement and were fired en masse. Employers across New York City have resorted to such unlawful mass firings in the face of IWW organizing, and the union is determined to stop this hateful discrimination. Flaum’s ultra-orthodox managers hide behind a veil of piety, but in fact their mistreatment of workers violates both U. S. and Jewish law.
Members of New York’s Jewish community are rallying to support the locked-out workers. Jewish law is emphatic in its demands for justice towards workers, and many ask whether food prepared by mistreated workers can truly be kosher.
In addition to their union, the Industrial Workers of the World, the workers have the support of many community organizations, including Make the Road New York, the Chinese Staff & Workers’ Association, and the Million Worker March Movement, NYC, all of which are expected to send speakers and supporters to tomorrow’s rally.
Come hear these workers tell the story of their struggle for a living wage and dignity on the job.
CONTACT: Billy J. Randel 646-645-6284
John Cronan 401-413-2443

One thought on “Protest in NYC for Kosher workers treated badly…

  1. Last time I checked, an employer did not need a cause to discharge an employee. In most “at will” employment states, you can fire for any reason or no reason, as long as its not a bad reason.

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