Protesting the fence: A soldier's perspective

Only in Israel, an “under the radar” blog authored by an IDF soldier describes what its like to be a soldier at a protest at the security fence.

The look they have is one of spoiled kids. Checking their ID’s, most of them come from northern Tel Aviv, or suburbia, and although their look of choice is one of a hobo who have never heard the words “shampoo” or “deodorant”, they appear to have quite an expensive choice of shoes, various CD players, ETC. The funny thing here is this: I’ve never seen any Israeli Arabs on those protests. I guess they know which company to keep better than rich spoiled Israelis.
There’s no use of actualy talking or having a conversation with that kind. For people who believe in anarchy, they seem to have a preset thinking, and preset responses for any question asked.

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39 thoughts on “Protesting the fence: A soldier's perspective

  1. what a useful commentary. i’m sure that if everyone showed up to the protest in suits, he would have reconsidered all his positions on the issues.

  2. Yeah, Sam, the soldier clearly had pre-concieved notions, so his testimony is worthless. Let’s disqualify all eye-witness reports from people with pre-concieved notions. We’ll be left with children under the age of four.
    In any case, the phenomenon the soldier described is widespread. There’s a piece in today’s New York Sun about trust-fund leftists, for example. My own experiences in law school were similar- the more spoiled the brat, the more likely the brat would be leftist.

  3. lol I cant believe somebody else besides me thought of Cartman. yeah the infestation is spreading. This is the Israeli version of the college know it all hippy.

  4. LMAO, My brother and I watched the same SouthPark and man did it hit the nail on the head, The Brooklyn Versions tend to congregate around Park Slope, Williamsburg, and now Ft. Greene they migrate from Suburbia (i.e Long Island, Westchester, outlying states, etc) they usually have awsome dogs, and great jobs, yet they feel the need to express the virtues of Socialism, when they lead capatalist lifestyles. They claim to seek enligntenment but often shun major avenues and prefer to pursue it only through Yoga and junk

  5. Suits, birkenstocks … just different versions of upper-class snobwear. Perfect for the next chic demo.

  6. I don’t think its fair to stereotype all leftists as rich spoiled brats. Most I know (including myself) were not raised rich with all the luxuries one could have.
    That being said, is anyone surprised that these particular protesters are spoiled (if that is true)? As Dan noted from quoting a member from Anarchists Against the Wall, most of the people who showed up to defend Sharon’s disengagement plan (which I support, although I don’t support Sharon) were religious; ie not people who had to work or had to go to school.
    I guess the same could be said of those who protest near where this soldier works: they are spoiled because probably the vast majority of people who don’t support the wall can’t protest because they are working or in school.

  7. How wonderful: Opinions which are contrary to the supporters of occupation can be discounted completely. They have no value because a somewhat judgemental 19 y.o (“…A beast of a man with the looks and intelligence of an average mountain gorilla…”) is the proof that ALL people on the left are “Damn hippies.” (very eloquent, Yingele). Whoever travelled on a bus to Mea- Shearim or Bnei-Brak (religious neighbourhoods) on a sunny day may care to join the glee of commenting on BO and cleanliness… But hey, that will be anti-Semitism, – stereotyping people for their looks and habits; we never do that.

  8. From my perch, the individuals who look like the unkempt, barbaric, idiot hippie types are the “hilltop youth.” Oh yes, defending the land of Israel by living in some trailer and smoking a lot of pot. That’s Zionist’s best face, right?

  9. Jared wrote:
    That being said, is anyone surprised that these particular protesters are spoiled (if that is true)? As Dan noted from quoting a member from Anarchists Against the Wall, most of the people who showed up to defend Sharon’s disengagement plan (which I support, although I don’t support Sharon) were religious; ie not people who had to work or had to go to school.
    ———————– ———————– ———————
    Do you not see how prejudiced this is?
    -first of all: factually, the protests against the expulsion have been 50/50 religious/secular – with a growing secular component coming out to protest Sharon’s trashing of Israel’s democratic structure.
    -Do you REALLY think that all religious people in Israel (just over 1/3 of the country) are paupers or leeches of public funds? Are you aware that Bar-Ilan university is one of Israel’s largest? Do you know that students in the Religious National school system score higher, and enter college in larger percentages, than the secular system?
    You are invited to join me at the Rosh Ha-Ayin junction and see the religious settlers driving company cars to work – cars with the logos of Motorola, Microsoft, and countless other high-tech companies.
    This is way off base – and betrays the typical 2-dimensional stereotyping by lefties. Everyone is screened through the filter of politically correct gender/class/race/radic aal chic to determine if they are on the A list or the B list.
    The most brutal terrorists can get themselves on the A list for radical chic, and then all their atrocities are excused. Similarly, Sharon can stretch and bend all moral and legal limits on his power, as long as his agenda is approved by the A list.
    And the B’s? They have failed the tests of gender/class/race politics, have NOT received the Politically Correct Seal of Victimhood – and therefore their suffering and arguments can be ignored. The B’s are so ickily Jewish and all, so uncool – they’re just subhuman and can be dismissed… go ahead, just expel them, turn these B-list barbarians out of their homes by the thousands – but don’t dare uproot even one olive tree in a Palestinian field, because they fill the Proud Native People slot in the leftie fairy-tale version of this story…
    At this crucial moment it is the relgious/traditional Israelis who are defending Israel’s democratic structures.
    They’re on MY A-list.

  10. I’m not sure I understand the critique of Sharon’s disengagement plan as *anti-democratic.* If anything, it is the orange star wearing extremists who seem to have a problem with the concept of democracy. Note the tire burning, traffic stopping temper tantrums currently being thrown by those who object to what is clearly the majority will of the Israeli voters.
    But that’s the problem with democracy I suppose, you don’t always get your way.

  11. ben-david: “This is way off base – and betrays the typical 2-dimensional stereotyping by lefties.”
    Meanwhile, back in reality….
    “Damn hippies.”
    “This is the Israeli version of the college know it all hippy.”
    “the more spoiled the brat, the more likely the brat would be leftist.”
    “They claim to seek enligntenment but often shun major avenues and prefer to pursue it only through Yoga and junk”

  12. When did yoga cease becoming a major avenue for enlightenment, or *junk* for that matter? In my orthodox community here in LA, quite a few frum Jews practice Yoga. I don’t see the conflict. But then again I don’t see how the majority will of a society being carried out is anti-democratic either.

  13. I actually know who this soldier kid is… he’s well known on IRC chat rooms as an anti-arab bigot and all-around right wing troll, and a constant liar. He’s even repeatedly made comments such as he would support the bombing of crowds of unarmed women and children if they “supported” Hamas. So, know what he’s about and take his words with a grain of salt.

  14. Kids who never had a shitty job or went without will always emulate poverty as a way of being “authentic”. A few years ago in high school I would always see punk type characters like me on the street. If we liked the pose of each other we’d talk and hang out. When I’d go to their enormous houses (on the rich side of town) they would have every convenience known to man and be indulged by their parents. Inevitably, if we ever got around to talking politics they would see everything in black and white, good guys and bad guys. The truth is that spoiled kids have ideas too; sometimes their issues are right and sometimes misguided. The only problem is that they are so removed from everything that their world view is a little skewed and they have the time and energy to really harass everyone.

  15. Israel is not a democracy.
    Kach, a political party and a member party of Knesset, was banned from running after polls all over Israel showed 12-13 seats in the next elections.
    Many voters in Israel are now disenfranchised. Their opinions are illegal.
    So anyone claiming that Israel is a democracy is wrong.

  16. “When did yoga cease becoming a major avenue for enlightenment, or *junk* for that matter? In my orthodox community here in LA, quite a few frum Jews practice Yoga. I don’t see the conflict. But then again I don’t see how the majority will of a society being carried out is anti-democratic either.”
    Sausage, I was having a little fun, Both of my parents do Yoga regularly, and I myself studied Mixed fighting(Combination of Styles i.e. Karate, Jijitsu, Kick boxing etc) for many years…. I’ve seen many people so into YOga and pursue it as a path of enlightenment, while shunning their Jewish roots or only attendding the hip Jew Events

  17. Nonsense, Schmoster. Kach was banned from running after the elections commission disqualified the party (a decision supported by a five-member panel of the Supreme Court) for having a racist election platform that went against the Basic Laws. Most Western democracies in the world do the same with parties whose actions and ideology negate the democratic nature of the state or incite one part of the population against another using racist propaganda. This was one of the lessons we learned from the Weimar Republic.

  18. Habibi,
    Is it racist to say that Israel is being destroyed? I believe that Habibi. I believe that if the Arabs are not removed Jews will be killed and Israel will soon enter a war.
    This has nothing to do with race. This would apply to any enemy of the Jewish people who state their goals plainly.
    If you think its racist back it up – I’ve heard people like you repeating stuff like this. Its all nonsense what you say – it’s a way to stifle opinions that threaten your beliefs.
    Are you telling me Habibi, that I am not allowed to believe and vote for what I think is absolutely true?
    I see how you think – that is why I say that israel is not a democracy. I and others like me have been disenfranchised. I see Israel sliding in their foolishness and by order of the “democratic government” and the “supreme court” I cannot vote for what I believe is correct.

  19. joe schmo wrote: “Kach, a political party and a member party of Knesset, was banned from running after polls all over Israel showed 12-13 seats in the next elections
    True, you’re on to something.. but the reason Kach was disqualified was because Kahane advocated ending Israel’s democracy in violation of Section 7A(1) of the Basic Law. At the same time they disqualified Kach however, they added the part to the Basic Law about parties being disqualified for advocating that Israel be the state of all it’s people rather than only a Jewish state. So you’re right – it’s not democratic.

  20. Schmo, I hate to sound like I am evading your questions, but it seems to me that you didn’t read message at all. You claimed that Kach was banned after a poll showed they would receive up to 13 seats (not sure if you intended some kind of causality here). I responded by pointing out why Kach was really banned, citing the Knesset’s and Election Commission’s reasons.
    Yes, unfortunately, the commission’s decision means that you can’t vote for what you think is absolutely true. Democracy does not mean that you can do whatever you want.

  21. Zionista:
    Personal perceptions are valid as long as we realize they are not necessarily the whole, statistical truth.
    The soldier described what he saw. Yes, he’s just a 19 year old. And even if his perceptions are partial – they DO accurately reflect those elements of the left that he is in VERY direct contact with.
    My guess is that Jared did not attend the right’s rallies, or meet the people he is describing. He is parroting a blanket dismissal of 1/3 of Israelis as “parasites” and “primitives”. Is this based on personal experience? Is it based on statistical fact?
    But something makes me think that

  22. Habibi,
    You wrote “Schmo, I hate to sound like I am evading your questions…” You are right you are evading my questions.
    I challenged you to back up your claim that I or Kahane is racist. You ignored that challenge.
    I explained to you that the Arabs must be removed because they want Israel to be taken away from jewish authority – not based on race. Does it matter that you cite “the Knesset’s and Election Commission’s reasons” !?
    Habibi they are corrupt. They will say anything to ban the people who frighten them.
    That’s why I explained that it was only after polls showed 12-13 seats for Kach (if not more) that Kach was banned – only when the government was scared of losing power.
    So in fact you totally evaded my question.

  23. Dear Schmo,
    Let’s get one thing straight: I never accused you of being a racist,
    Having said that, it’s kind of ridiculous that you object to me calling Kach and Kahane racist. What else would you call a party whose platform included
    -establishing separate beaches for Jews and non-Jews
    -bans on Jews living in Jerusalem
    -measures to strip non-Jews living in Israel of citizenship
    -proposals to end recognition of marriages between Jews and non-Jews that were performed abroad, and
    -plans to jail Jews who have sex with non-Jews
    Let me know….
    Purim Sameach!

  24. I know I risk eternal damnation here, but out of curiosity, since I have seen Joe’s challenge to prove Kach or Kahane were indeed racist more than once, I thought it was a worthy point to check. (Joe please note – I am NOT calling YOU a racist, though I admit thinking that if you wanted him to govern so badly, you must at least agree with some of his ideas).
    Ploughing through some of Kahane’s commentary on this that and the other, I can only conclude that although Mr. Kahane was not as overtly Racist as some the world have seen, his views definitely divided people to Jews and non-Jews, and then proceed to ascertain that because Jews are the chosen people, they answer to a different law than all others. In his eyes, all Jews, (whether they want to or not), should live by the Halakha. I have also discovered he was obviously sharp and passionate about his beliefs but sadly narrow-minded and violent man.
    I won’t bore anyone with the pages of stuff I found. Few nuggets, mostly from an interview on his website http://www.kahane.org/ meir/interview.htm):
    “…When Israel liberated the land in 1967, the normal, sane thing to have done would have been to drive the scum out… Driving in the heart of Hebron, a nest of snakes and scorpions… throw out the cancer raging in his midst – the Arab enemy…”
    And –
    “There is a Jewish people. Because there is a Jewish people, we have the right to come to this country, and to take it from the Arabs.”
    Or –
    “Q: One of your paradoxes is that you respect the Arabs and their nationalism, yet you want to expel them for precisely that reason. You also say that no Arab is innocent. Isn’t that a racist comment?
    A: Of course no Arab is innocent.”
    You will have to agree that tolerance is not a strong side :
    “Q: Your party, the Kach, has been accused of having close links with the Jewish terrorist group TNT. …Does that mean that Kach does not encourage violence, but if a member of Kach commits acts of violence, you support him?
    A: This applies not only to Kach members, but to anybody. And I approve of anybody who commits such acts of violence.”
    Or –
    “Q: Does that mean that, according to the Halacha, a Jew cannot individually choose his way of lift, his life style, and that he has to submit to a collective way of life?
    A: A Jewish individual cannot choose a life style contrary to the Halacha. That’s the way it is.”
    Which brings me to another point, to be honest, I am scratching my head about the “Israel is not a democracy” claims too, because it seems that was not a strong point on Kahane’s agenda:
    “…you can’t have Zionism and democracy at the same time… Therefore democracy and Zionism cannot go together… Judaism does not accept democracy unless it is within a structure that adheres to the law of the Torah…. Let me say it again: democracy and Judaism 3rc (sick) two opposite things.”
    Obviously, it will be fun to live in Joe’s democracy:
    “…My hope as a religious Jew, which is the hope of every sincere and religious Jew, is to have a state governed by the Torah… But the supreme authority must lie with a rabbinic court… All driving around in cars would be banned on the Sabbath…. in a religious Jewish state, all public schools will have to be religious… I want to make mixed marriages a crime.”
    But the good news, is that people like me will not bother the emerging
    Eden of G-d’s wishes:
    “Q: This state ruled by the Torah would not guarantee freedom of speech, then?
    A: Of course not! In a religious state, there can be no such freedom.”
    Q: You have an apocalyptic view of the Jews’ destiny.
    A: Yes, of course, for the time being. But in the end, I have a beautiful vision, because then the Messiah will come.”
    Maybe I won’t be damned after all…

  25. Habibi and Michael,
    I just got back from listening to the megillah where Haman attempted to kill us precisely because we were chosen and as he told King Ahashverosh: “their laws are different from all nations…” and we were saved thank G-d and now I have to respond to this!
    It is not just against me and Rabbi Kahane that you point your finger. It is against all religious Jews and against your own forefathers.
    Obviously the concept of the chosen people irks you.
    Do I believe that we are chosen? Yes. Does that mean I am racist? No. Anyone can become a Jew if they are committed. This has nothing to do with skin color.
    Do I think that Jews should remain separate in order not to socialize and learn from the Non-Jews? Of course.
    Do I think that zionism and a Jewish State is compatible with western democracy? Of course they are not compatible! Democracy allows a majority which can include Non-jews to decide that Israel should not be a Jewish state. Of course they contradict!
    I am not a hypocrite I know that. I choose a Jewish state over democracy
    -because Judaism is MUCH MUCH more important than anything else.
    I am simply calling Israel on thier hypocrisy. They claim to be a democracy. Well, what if a majority of Israel votes and wants israel to be Jewish and not to allow Non-Jews voting rights in Israel? The majority can’t vote for their beliefs?! That is hypocrisy.
    Habibi, Michael, John Brown, Sam and all other Jews like you- understand – that your fight is not just with me and Kahane. It is with Judaism itself. It is against your own forefathers and our master and teacher Moses.
    You made your choice. You choose other ideologies over Judaism and over our eternal and binding covenant.

  26. Schmo, are you calling me an apikors? Is everyone who opposed Kahane and his racism a soneh yisrael? Shame on you. I hope you do not read this before Shabbat, because I think you have some unpleasant soul-searching to do next week.

  27. Joe, Kapara, I am not against you or anyone. You are entitled to your opinions. But as I am FOR trying to understand what is beyond my comfort zone, I took on your invitation (re Racism/Kanae). Your usual gripe about dealing with the facts is suddenly mute, but, if you don’t like what I found – fair enough, you don’t have to. If you are happy as who you are that’s great for you, and probably sad for many who happen not to be Jewish – the way you think it should be practiced – around you. I suspect you are not very happy, because I found that happiness brings forward kindness and tolerance. But I might be wrong. Your point is that we should arm and fortify ourselves and be solitary practicing Jews, at the cost of day-to-day sanity, normal relationship with other countries and democracy; my point is that pluralistic society might give us finally the peace to practice as we see fit, something we have been seeking for the last 2,000 years. And I think it is a worthwhile notion conversing, with people who hold different opinions, such as you, and maybe we can all learn something in the process. Isn’t this what jewschool is about? Got nothing personally against you, on the contrary, I spent more time then I have writing to you, because I think it is worthwhile trying to convince you to be little less vehement in your conviction that Judaism is MUCH MUCH more important than anything else. Not because it is not important, but because I see that there are other people in my life – like it or not like Arabs and Christians and others – that have other things important to them, and if everyone thought their version was the most important we’ll never have peace. The whole Torah on ‘one foot’, if I remember right, is not to do unto others what you don’t like done to yourself. So, if I want to be left alone to practice my way, I should be forthcoming in supporting other people doing so. Kahane thought the only Jews should be allowed into Jerusalem; well there are almost 3 billion people who find that city holy. Would it be better if we saw ourselves as guardians of a magnificent place where many people seek divinity, rather than declaring ourselves sole owners of the truth and snubbing the world? I think so. You don’t. But if I did not think you are worth it I would not bother with the long schpiels… Kol Yisrael arevim… Ve-Haikar lo lefached klal… May you be happy.

  28. Habibi,
    I don’t think you are a Soneh Yisrael but I just recognize the obvious fact that Judaism and the covenant don’t mean much to you or Michael and to others. That is quite sad.
    I have no gripe with the facts here -because I in fact agree with all the facts that you brought down!
    What you misunderstand is that those facts don’t imply racism and they don’t even imply a lack of kindness and tolerance.
    The Jews were always very kind and tolerant, and Michael, until recently (last 100-200 years) they were almost all religious and committed to the covenant and knowing that we are the chosen people.
    You see, being kind and caring about people does not mean that you give them control over your country. It does not mean that you act like them and socially mingle with them. Doing that will lead to marriage and to doing what they do and finally to breaking our covenant which will only lead to disaster.
    A person should help their family first. That does not mean that if they are not your family they should be treated badly!
    We have to make sure first and foremost that we remain the chosen people and that our land remains ours – that does not mean that we should not be kind to all.
    Your mistake here is that you are equating being part of the chosen people with not being kind and tolerant.
    They in fact go together.

  29. Thanks for linking to my blog, a few things I’d like to comment about the debate:
    For one, any reader of my blog would know I find the hilltop youth hooligans equally idiotic and disturbed as the scumpond represented by the Israeli anarchists.
    Secondly, Israel has a strict election law which says the following:
    a party which denies Israel’s nature as a Jewish State, cannot compete.
    A party which denies Israel’s nature as a Democratic State, cannot compete.
    A party which supports terrorism, cannot compete.
    Kahane and his gang of fascists (who BTW, attacked not only innocent arabs, but were also violently racist against Ethiopian jews), was disqualified based on denying the democratic nature of Israel, by suggesting laws which forbid marriage between jews and arabs, using foul derogatory language in relation to Arabs and outright proposing genocide.
    The Israeli society simply puked him and his hatemongering friends out of the political spectrum, and for that I believe every Israeli and Jew should be proud. Racists belong on the other side, we shouldn’t let them be on ours.
    And thirdly, John Brown, or Ralphie or Cowtippa or whatever IRC nickname you’re using now. I stand behind my words. If there would be a hamas protest in which armed men protest, no matter who surrounds them they should be bombed to the ground. People who come to Hamas protests are not innocent and are not civilians. They’re enemy combatants and should be treated as such

  30. OnlyInIsrael,
    Unlike Michael who was accurate with facts you are not. You simply make things up.
    Kahane was NEVER rascist against Ethiopian Jews. Back youself up you demogogue!
    He proposed genocide?! You brazen faced liar!
    He forbids marriage between jews and Arabs in particular? Its between Jews and ALL Non-Jews. There is no racism involved. It deos not even mean we are mean or not kind to Non-Jews. It is simply because Jews must keep the covenant; Non-Jews will not keep it and neither will our children if we intermarry with them.
    Israeli society did not throw him out YOU FOOL – it was and still is the corrupt government. He would have gotten 12-13 seats – and believe me he would have been the prime minister.
    If the people didn’t want him then the government would not have any reason to make a special law to keep him out.
    Now any simple thinking person would realize that simple concept: when somebody is banned it is only because they are a threat to the government because they have popular support! Otherwise what need is there to ban him!?
    Then you tell us of the Israeli election laws; anybody just has to read exactly what you wrote to realize how hypocritical and contradictory their “law” is.
    Michael and Habibi spoke honestly even if not agreeing with me, as Michael said “isn’t this what Jewschool is all about?”
    You on the other hand, come in with terrible distortions and lies. You waltz in calling all sorts of names:
    hooligans, scumpond, idiotic, disturbed, gang of fascists, rascists, foul language, genocide, hatemongering
    Its simply amazing how many different names you can call people in one short inaccurate post!
    Therefore I will call you back a name: IGNORANT FOOL!

  31. Let’s try to look at your claims one by one.
    Kahane has refused to help the Falasha Jews to make Aliyah, he claimed they were not Jewish and supported humiliating digging into those people’s past before allowing them to come to Israel, when in fact these people have been starving in refugee camps for months. He should not be forgiven for that
    Kahane proposed both ethnic cleansing and genocide, which is exactly why Kach is clasified a terrorist organisation in Israel, the US and the EU. His ethnic cleansing policies could be quoted from his own words:
    ” The complete truth must be told to the masses of good Jews both to justify the need to remove the Arabs and to expose the dangers of the liberal Establishment bloc.”
    His terrorist policies are well document as well, you can see a list of the attacks made by Kach, Kahane Chai and JDL on the ADL website, right here: http://www.adl.org/extremism/j
    The most notorious of them was the massacre of innocent muslim prayers at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, an event celebrated to this day by the scum who are Kahane’s band of loons.
    Israel society DID throw him out of itself. the amendment to Israel’s basic law passed by a majority of parties in the Knesset, which represented almost 90% of Israeli public (the most seats kahane ever got was 3, out of 120). The Israeli supreme court supported this decision in a panel of 5 judges (after cancelling a similar decision 4 years earlier, the court seemed to think enough is enough). Even after Kahane tried to make a nice trick, and gave a book of Tanach as his platform, the court wasn’t impressed by that petty trick and barred him from running. The claim Kahane would get 12-23seats is ridiculous. His supporters were always on the outskirts of Israeli society, considered outright loonies, and fascists, and that is the way they are treated today, like the idiots they are. You wouldn’t possibly know the treatement Kahanists get in Israel, as you do not live here. I do. They’re outcasts, frown upon by a huge majority of Israelis.
    And what you obviously don’t understand, is that somebody can be banned not because he threatens the government, but because he threatens the good name of Israel and the Jewish people as whole in the world. Kahane is a stain on our history, both as a country and a nation which I’m glad was wiped out by the Israeli political system.
    The Israeli election laws are simple enough and so far helped sustain democracy in the Middle East for almost 60 years, in other words, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.
    I admit in calling the Kahanists names, I’m not ashamed of my words. Anyone who would support the indiscriminate murder of muslim prayers, majority of them kids, anyone who supports drive by shooting at cars simply because they have people of other descent in them, anyone who calls the murderer of the Israeli warhero, and elected Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin – a hero are nothing than a scumpond of idiotic fascists and hooligans.

  32. OnlyInIsrael,
    It used to really bother me when dishonest people like you would rant untruths.
    At this point I already recognize dishonesty and Im used to it. All I can hope is that reasonable Jews will read both what I write and what people like you write and come to thier own conclusions.
    When I think like that I don’t feel bad anymore because honest people when confronted with both sides of an argument can see deceit especially if somebody points it out.
    Once again you talk without backup… Please back up your claim that He did not want them to come to Israel – again talk without backup! I am honest and am simply curious if he really thought they were not Jewish but using Judaism as a pretext.
    If they were not Jewish then it is correct not to bring them to Israel. That does not mean that we shouldn’t help and give them food.
    Your first link http://www.kahane.org/meir/the
    is a beautiful link everyone should read it. Only a hate-filled fool like you can read racism into that.
    Your ADL link? This has already been gone through. The terrible Soviets imprisoned our brothers and sisters and didn’t let them leave or practice Judaism!
    I support doing ANYTHING to help Jews in need. Is it “terrorism” to force kidnappers to free your brothers and sisters!?
    When you are locked up remind us not to care.
    Kahane is not on the fringe at all. There is wide popular support for him. “If it ain’t broken” – oh but how broken it really is…
    In fact this article in the jerusalem post:
    “…a survey in Ma’ariv on Wednesday according to which a third of the Israeli public thinks Kach should be legalized and that Kahane was right in proposing to deport all Arabs from the land of Israel”
    Showing Kahane’s outright popularity and your ignorance.

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