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  1. Nice. As if the PETA ads using the Shoa weren’t bad enough, now we have this website done by our own violating the death of SIX MILLION all in the name of resisting peace.

  2. Onward, Juden! Resist the Nazi tactics of the Sharon gov’t. This site is fantastic, honest and — frankly — far less inflammatory than others. Like Jewschool.
    The Town Crier is a wanker.

  3. Liberal-loony-wanna-be- ‘Hudi Wanker:
    Making Gaza Judenfrei. Chasing observant Jews down on GERMAN http://www.jpost.com/s ervlet/Satellite?pagena me=JPost/JPArticle/Prin ter&cid=1111116046951&p =1078027574097)
    horses. Giving Jewish homes to Pali terrorists who, like the Nazis, hate all Jews – Israelis, Argintinians or Americans. Observant or secular. Mobius or anti-Mobius. Wanker and non-wanker alike.
    There’s no need to conjure up Holocaust imagery, it’s already there and present. Unsurprisingly, Jews aren’t even allowed to live where they please in Israel.

  4. Anti-Mobius. You have no life. You are a “wanker”.
    Anyone who uses “wanker” must therefore be a “wanker”
    Which makes me a…
    oh, and please don’t open your mouth ever again. Its like verbal puke.

  5. Daniel Hawanker:
    Linelinelinelinelinkeli nelineline
    Linelinelinelinelinkeli nelineline
    Read betwixt the lines.

  6. people who actually see a valid comparison between the march to auschwitz and sharon’s disengagement plan are the true wankers. insane is as insane does i suppose.

  7. OK, let’s agree that Sharon’s plan isn’t as terrible as the Holocaust.
    It’s ONLY like the Spanish expulsion (able-bodied men are already being arrested and disarmed, mass confiscations of property, explusion).
    And ONLY like the Tsarist program for the Jews (no democratic representation in determining policies toward the Jews, forced expulsion, certain areas of the country off limits to Jews, selective patronage of court Jews who oppress other, generally more religious Jews, government-sponsored incitement and demonization of the Jews)
    Or ONLY like the Arab treatment of North African Jews (demonization and dhimmitude, accusations of double loyalty, forced expulsion and confiscation of property)
    … Gosh I feel SO MUCH better about the whole thing now, knowing it’s not like the Holocaust!

  8. what’s sad is to see the radical settler movement make whores out of the vicitms of the holocaust or other jewish tragedies. here’s a news flash drama queens – they didn’t die for you. spare us the melodramatic recitation of the tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people. I’m Jewish too. So is Moby. So is just about everyone who chimes in on this peanut gallery. Unless you got some really good Jew lawyer who has secured you the rights to the Jewish narrative (and 3 cents for every time one of our tunes is played on the radio!) then give it a rest.
    Try making your case with logic and reason. Makes it a lot tougher doesn’t it?

  9. i would like to respond to anti-M’s post that:
    “Jews aren’t even allowed to live where they please in Israel.”
    perhaps, but we can live freely in more places in israel than a lot of other peoples. and that is something significant to keep in mind b/c it too comes at a cost and we know what it is like to be denied living somewhere simply based on our race/religion/ethnicity . and i would argue that the settlers could stay in gaza if they were willing to live under PA rule and pay taxes and vote in palestine. but as things stand now, where settlers vote and pay taxes to (and thus receive benefits from) israel, it is very unjust when just down the hill an entire people are not afforded those same rights. i do not think that palestine should be “judenrein” but that if jews want to live there that they have to live under a palestinian flag, just like israeli arabs that want to live in israel proper. they stay arab but have israeli passports and have to abide by israeli law. if the settlers want to stay in whichever cities/settlements they feel should not be entirely abandoned by jews, then they can stay but under palestinian authority. just my 2 cents for now. thanks for reading my rant.

  10. and why have these mentalists adopted orange as their chosen colour?? are they suggesting a link with the protestant orangemen in ireland? they are as ignorant of other peoples’ history as they are of their own

  11. DUJ,
    It is normal Jews like you who the more they hear the Sam’s out there who simply say that Israel “belongs” to the arabs the more you will understand how right Meir Kahane is.

  12. RX- As far as I know, it was because what was in the headlines at the time was the Ukranian “orange” democracy movement. The use of orange was to stress the perceived lack of democracy in not holing a referendum on disengagement. Anyone know any different?

  13. The Jewish people has a country, and the terrirories aren’t in it. Sharon is bringing these Israeli citizens back home (and better late than never).

  14. Zionista,
    The “territories” are more Jewish than Tel Aviv. Abraham walked in Hebron. He never lived in Tel Aviv.

  15. Yeh Esther was exiled there with the exile of King Yehoniah (right in the megillah). She walked there like Jews walked in Poland. Not so with Hebron remember Avraham bought the cave there and is buried there.

  16. It’s a fair point, Joe. But the fact is, Jews have a state, no Israeli government, neither right wingnut nor loony leftist, has formally annexed the territories. Once upon a time Hebron was part of a Jewish state, and maybe it will be again someday. But history doesn’t happen all at once. Let Israel be Israel, let the Arab states be the Arab states, and let’s get down to the work of reintegrating the Jewish people into our native region with all the national dignity it deserves.

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