Purim Thoughts

Hey all, in the light of the upcoming rucus, I was thinking of Oscar Wilde’s Decay of Lying (awesome essay btw), he says:

In point of fact, what is interesting about people in good society…is the mask each one of them wears, not the reality that lies behind the mask. It is a humiliating confession, but we are all of us made out of the same stuff.

In other words, it’s annoying that we’re all essentially the same, and the “oneness” of everything is a hell of a boring metaphysical concept, because once you get to that realization of oneness, there’s nothing much else to talk about. It’s our eccentricities, our masks that keep life exciting. And in fact, the mask is the thing that keeps us unique, i.e. our uniqueness is only manifested through our choice of what mask to wear. It’s a little disturbing, this thought, that our real true nature is neccessarily embedded into a false front, and that this front is the only way we can really know anything (of value) about each other. Purim is one day when the masks are given their due, really celebrated. Plus there’s a whole drinking aspect, as them Talmud Rabbis say “niknas yain, yotzei sod” (enters wine, comes out a closet). So, put on your yarmulka, smoke some marijuanaka, this here is the time when we can really get to something interesting and important in ourselves and the peeps who surround us. L’chaim!

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