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Queer Jews! Allies! Western Massachusetts!

This is a guest post from Staci Akselrod, a student at Hampshire College:

Join us for the Queer Jews and Allies Conference at Hampshire College, in Amherst, MA, on Sunday December 4th! This free, day-long conference will offer workshops, panels, plays, and more, addressing the unique experiences of queer Jewish identities as they weave among spirituality, sexuality, secular culture, gender identity and expression, political perspectives and movements, and religious traditions. This event welcomes all queer, gay, trans*, lesbian, and bisexual Jews and allies to learn, network, and create community in a safe, respectful, and accountable space. Kosher lunch and dinner will be provided for registered participants.
To see a workshops, our keynote, sponsors, and a schedule please go to our website here:
Register for the conference:
Contact us:
[email protected]
Accessibility notes
The conference will be primarily located within a wheelchair-accessible building. The food served at the conference will be kosher dairy and kosher vegan, and the conference schedule has been timed to best utilize the PVTA bus system.

2 thoughts on “Queer Jews! Allies! Western Massachusetts!

  1. Oh, man, I so wish I could come! (And it’s even within driving distance of home!) I’m teaching Hebrew school that morning, then heading south to a conference on Transformative Judaism. Alas! Have a wonderful time.

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